Friday, September 30, 2005

its over

well i survived part one, my wisdoom teeth are gone. The whole pttung to sleep thing was im sore as hell, and I have no feeling in my lips or tongue

Thursday, September 29, 2005


In about 12 hours from now I should wake up from my surgery, I wonder how my life will change after I no longer have wisdom teeth. For starters whenever I go to teh doctor and fill out a form on my medical history I can't say "never had surgery" That's probably the only long term change.

Having parents living nearby is really great, especially in a situation like this. Among teh many things they are doing, is watching Jonah tommorow morning during the surgery, and then we are going to sleep over there for shabbos. Such a huge help...Thanks mom and dad.


I went to the oral surgeon this morning, and I'm pretty sure he robbed me.

I get there and they show me a video that shows what they will do, the risks, and some Q &A, the video lasted about 10 minutes, and I could have watched at home on my computer had I known.

Then the doc came in, looked at teh X- RAYS that my dentist took. Stuck a popsicle stick in my mouth, looked in. Told me that I needed all 4 wisdom teeth out, and I'll have to be put to sleep. Basically didnt tell me anything I didn't know already. Took about 5 minutes of his time.

Then I get the bill----------------------$152 !!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Belated present

Nearly a month after her birthday i surprised Na with her Birthday present, something I knew she wanted even more then Madden, I had our Ketuiba framed. She liked it and was actually surprised that I had it done, so two points for me

Monday, September 26, 2005


I've played sports my entire life but except for a few ankle sprains I've never been hurt, never had to have stitches or surgery or anything that kept me off the field for more than a day. The only problem I have had is with my teeth. When I was 8 or 9 I fell off my bike and cracked my two front teeth, hurt like hell. Because f that I had to have 2 root canals , but that wasn't surgery, they just gave my a shot and numbed my face.

Well my teeth are at it again. for the past few days I have had terrible headaches and the source of the pain has been in my jaw. The pain was so bad that I finally called the dentist, and went in to see what was wrong. It took him all of 5 seconds to determine my problem, I need my wisdom taken out. (OF course he had to take 5 X rays after so he could charge me a ton)

So I'm going to have my first surgery, and from what I understand, it will hurt like hell. I remember when my oldest brother had his teeth out, he came home from, had a bloody towel with him. the only thing he was able to eat were milk shakes, and he couldn't use a straw cause of the stitches. He sat in front of the TV and watch movies for the next two days. I remember my sister lying on the couch for days after hers were pulled. So as you can tell I'm very excited to have these things out.

I'm not sure when I'm having the surgery, I have to call in tomorrow morning and schedule it, I want it as soon as possible because the headaches are killing me, and aspirin just isn't cutting it. ..wish me luck and godspeed


Friday morning at 9:30, my teeth will be taken from me:(

Renaissance Festival

Ever since we got married Nat has wanted to go to the Renaissance Festival, and I have never had any interest in going. I always had a good reason why we shouldn't go. Yesterday was the last day for this year festival, and I agreed to go. (the Lions had a bye this week) So we took Jonah (oops), my bro and sis in law who are in from Israel and another couple who we are friends with and made the pilgrimage back to the days of Yore when Wenches roamed freely in the streets and princesses were won in jousting.

I have to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought., I assumed it would be like the state fair, which I never liked, but this was actually better. People were dressed up like they lived back in the day, and all I can say is I am glad that I wasn't living then. Although the wenches were showing more cleavage then the girls do, but the guys wear tights and I couldn't imagine watching Jousting on TVs on Sunday afternoons, so that tips the scale back to modern times.

Anyway, we watched some Jousting, it was interesting, but we couldn't understand the dialogue that preceded the guys trying to knock their enemies off their horses with a stick. we got bored of it after a bit, and continued to walk around. There was a lot of entertainment, mostly bawdy, lots of pickle vendors making suggestive comments to get girls to buy their pickles. One mother was upset that the dirty pickle vendor (in his see through green tights) wanted to "slip the pickle" to her daughter. Her daughter said I'm an adult mom, and went to make out with the pickle guy, just to show her mom that she's not a baby (O.K. I made up that part) We saw a guy do tricks with a whip, he was funny, I wasn't so impressed with the whipping skills, I think he exaggerated his skills, but he was funny.

All in all it was a good time. I think had we had more time, to see more shows (and the weather was better) it could have been better, but it is what it is, we went, we did, we saw. Nat disagreed, she wants to go back every year.

Friday, September 23, 2005

didn't work

I'm sad to say that there is water in my basement today. I guess compared to the gulf coast area a little water in the basement isn't bad. But I don't live there for a reason. And I put dirt aroun my house, I shouldn't have water :(

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I'm bored. Nat is watching E.R. which I don't like, and Jonah is sleeping, which I do like.

I watched the news for a good part of the morning, while I worked, and all I can say is, Boy am I glad that I live in Detroit. Sure the Lions may suck (who am I kidding, they do suck) The Tigers have sucked most of my life. but we don't live anywhere in a hurricane or earthquake's path. The worst we have are tornadoes, and those can't be so bad, they don't even name them.

Aside for the Wizard of Oz, and Twister tornadoes don't seem to be all that bad. I remember as a kid we would have tornado warnings in school. We would all go to the hallways and sit there for 15 minutes and then head back to class. It sure beat sitting in class.

In other news work is good. I like working out of my house, a friend of mine lent me a TV and so I can watch TV and work at the same time, I didn't bring the XOX to my office because then I wouldn't get any work done. Although at the main office they not only have an XBOX but also a PS1. Things are moving along, I've been talking to potential clients and there is some interest. I think as our company grows, it won't be a problem to fin clients, but they will call me begging to get a good spot. At least that's the goal.

This got rid of my boredom for a few minutes , E.R. is almost over, and then I shouldn't be as bored.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I went to sleep on Sunday night with a 5 point lead in my Fantasy football game, I thought I may have a chance for a win this week.

The guy I played against had Duante Culepepper as his starting QB (a Joey Harrington like performence 5 ints). Sadly with teh exeption of Randy Moss my team didn't show up, but I still managed a small lead going into Monday night. And then it fell apart. He had Tiki Barber going (2 TD's) I had Jason Witten (Dallas TE, 47 yards no TD 1 point) so I am now one of only two teams to still have no wins.

I made some changes fro next week, benchiung Nate Burleson, so expect him to have a big game, and I'm starting Braylon Edwards in his place. I also benched Chris Brown and picked up Cleveland RB Reuben Droughns, who may or may not start next week, so I gotta find a new RB.

Still searching for win number one

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Went bowling tonight with a couple of friends, I did OK, got a strike on my first frame and it went downhill from there.

To me bowling should be a simple game. Similar to shooting free throws in basketball, there are no outside elemets that might disturb yo9ur shot. All you have to do is find your ryhtmn and throw teh ball down the lane. If you do the same thing every time, there is no reason you shouldn't bowl 300. I mentioned to one of my friends that if I cared and put some effort into it, I could have been a great bowler.
Since I didn't play a lot when I was younger and don't care about bowling that much, I'm nota g reat bowler. But when I need a strike, I can usually get it. maybe one day, ill concentrate long enough, and strive for teh perfect game.

Friday, September 16, 2005


As I mentioned earlier I was having water issues in my basement, so I, and Digital Irony who was having similar issues, put dirt on teh side of our houses hoping that teh dirt would act liek either a bodyguard or possibly a scarecrow and keep water out of our respetive basements.

Last night was the big test for us, it rained and poured all night, I kept having dreams and visions of going into a flooded basement. When I was woken up eary this morning teh first thing I did was run to the basement and see if my visons were prophecy or just a nightmare..................................

I was glad to see I was wrong, the floor was bone dry, Which is a weird expression, being that teh body is full of water and blood, so the bones are probably wet, but be that as it may, my basemnt had no water!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

NBA live '05

Now that I have the new madden the game that will suffer the most will probably be NBA Live '05. I'm not really good at rotating games, once I get a new one, I usually play it 90 % of the time and the other 10% I play all my other games, just so I remember how to play. Although the NBA game will probably be broken out when people are over and wanna play XBOX, cuz it easier then teaching Madden to new people.

Here's how my NBA Live career went.

I started my franchise as the Pistons, but I did a fantasy draft, so I didn't use the current Piston Roster, the entire league dd a whole new draft. I had a pretty solid really young team (Darko is a superstar in this game) my first two seasons ended in disappointing playoffs loses, both in the second round. By the third year I did some tweaking acquired two outside shooters, and finally won the whole thing.

I always think they should have some celebration when you win the championship, but I end up disappointed after a win it all in any video game. I don't know what they could do, but I feel it should be more.

Anyways,. After I won it all, I decided to simulate the entire season. I would still handle the draft, trades who starting, basically everything but the actual games. I guess I wanted to see if it was my skills, or the team I put together.

In my final season as a player I went 42-14 had the number 1 seed in the league went 12-1 in the playoff and as I mentioned before won it all.

Year 1
The team struggled out of the gate, perhaps they had a championship hangover, I don't know. We hung around the .500 mark for a while before going on a tear to close out the season and secured a 3 seed in the playoffs. We seemed to hit our stride at the perfect time went 12-3 and won back to back championships.
Interesting tidbit, at least to me, I usually had at least 3 players on the all star and All-NBA team, but this squad had no one on either.

I was offered a job to run the N.O Hornets, but I turned them down, and decided to ride it out with the Pistons.

Year 2
I had to make an unpopular decision at the start of this season, Dirk Nowitzki, who was my overall number 1 pick, 2 time league MVP, and had just won his first Finals MVP, had to go. It was a difficult trade for me to make, but his contract was up at the end of this season, and I couldn't afford to resign him. So I had to trade him while his value was high. (also he was getting old, and how productivity would he have left?) So I traded for Center names K. Byers (He is a creation of the computer) and I hoped that he would keep my franchise on the up swing. This would also allow Darko to play Power Forward as opposed to center and Let me utilize my Rookie center that I had just drafted

Picking up where we left off, the team went to a league best 39-17 record. The starting 5 was pretty much the same as when I left, and they produced as they should. The playoffs were a different story we got swept by arch-rival Indiana in the first round. 3 seasons earlier Indy had upset me on their way to a championship, and then in the off season took Tracy McGrady away from me, when he tested the Free agency market.
Again no All NBA players.

The N.J. Nets offered me a job and more money the the Hornets and I shot them down to.

Year 3
The players, not to mention myself, were pissed off at their poor showing in the playoffs last year and tore up the league during the regular season, once again going 39-17 and finishing with the best record in the league. This year they didn't choke in the playoffs. They went 12-3 en route to their 3rd championship in 4 years.
Finally I had a starter in the All Start game (Byers) and a second team All NBA player (also Byers)
Year 4
I forget what the regular season record was, but we made the playoffs, and breezed through the first two rounds. The Conference Finals were a nail biter, the series was tied at 2 (I played best of 5) and at the end of game 4 Byers broke his ankle and was out for the remainder of the playoffs. the Players insisted that they could win without him, but it wasn't meant to be. They lost the next game. and thus ended year 4

So far I haven't simulated a 5th year, But I think that I will, it takes just a few minute to simulate a season, and the off-season is a lot of fun. If InSight Media doesn't work out for me, maybe I'll be an NBA GM. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Madden '06

Last week my lovely wife informed me that Madden '06 was on sale in honor of labor day and if I wanted to get it, this would be a good time. Without hesitation I ran off to the store and got the last one on the shelf.

I'm playing on Franchise mode ( I run the team for 30 years, I control ticket prices concession prices, and of course what happens on the field) and of course I chose my beloved Lions.

The season started off tough, I got hammered in my first 4 games. There is a big adjustment period for this game, that wasn't there in previous years because of some new features they have and It will take some time to get used to.

After my disastrous start I needed to make some changes, So i benched Joey (the QB) and started his backup Jeff Garcia (whether he's gay or not doesn't really affect this game) and I went on to win the next 2 games.

To be fair to Joey, once I benched I did play a more conservative offense running the ball more and passing less. Also a few of my TD have been defensive ones. But you can't argue with results, and until he shows me otherwise Garcia will be my starting QB.

I know that y'all found this as fascinating as I did, and I may update as to how my franchise progresses.

Monday, September 12, 2005

attention rich people

My mom told me a good story, so I'm gonna share it with you.

About a year ago a rich man died, we'll call him Rich-man, and he left behind two wills. The first will said "open immediately" and the other one said "open in 30 days." One Rich-man died, his kids opened the first will, and it said "I have a favorite pair of socks, and I'd like to be buried in them." His kids, understandably, thought this was an odd request, but if their daddy wanted to buried in his favorite pair of socks, they would bury him in them.

They went to the Chevra Kadisha, Jewish burial people, and told them of their fathers request. The Chevra told the kids (they aren't really kid's they were probably adults, but they were Rich-mans kids) that according to Jewish law he can't be buried in his socks. The kids said that their father was a learned man, and if he said he wanted to be buried in his socks, he probably learned somewhere that it was O.K. the Chevra Kadisha wouldn't allow it.

Next the kids went to the Rabbi and explained them their dilemma. The Rabbi agreed with the Chevra Kadisha, that it is prohibited, and wouldn't allow it. So Rich-man was buried, and he didn't have on his favorite socks.

After 30 days, the kids opened the the second will it said something along these line " As you know now I was worth a few million dollars when I was alive, and after I died I couldn't even take my favorite pair of socks with me"

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A good start

For the third straight year the Lions started off the season with a win. Everyone else in the division lost today, so the Lions are in first place all alone, poised to become the first team to host a Super Bowl


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Peeing in the bathtub

A few years back I was talking to a friend of mine, and I don't know how it came up, but she mentioned that she pees in the shower. (I honestly don't remember which friend this was, obviously the topic was more memorable, no offense to whoever she is) As a non-shower-peer this disgusted me, but she insisted that it was normal. So I polled my friends and some acquaintances. There were many like me, who were disgusted by the questions. Others didn't have a problem and confided that they regularly pee in the shower.

Here's the question: is peeing in the bath tub the same thing? (No i haven't taken a bath, and certainly don't pee in one, although I once had a roomie who would pee in the bathtub, when it was empty, if for some reason he didn't feel like going in the toilet, despite t being right next to the tub. In his defense, we he was usually drunk at that point of the night, I am now way off topic, time to right this post)

I usually give Jonah his bath, and there are times that he will pee in the tub (Most of the times he will stand up and pee like a man, but if he's sitting I have no idea if he peed or not) At this point I don't know what to do, Do I take him out of the tub, drain it, refill it and start over? This would make hm cry, cause he hates getting out of the tub. Or do I say compared to hoe much water is in the tub, his urine isn't going to ruin his cleansing process? The problem with this option is I pour the water, quite possibly his pee over him to wash off the soap. It seems like a lose-lose situation for him. here he is trying to get clean and he is as Chandler Bing once said "sitting in a pool of his own filth."

Is it OK to pee in the bath?

goodbye word verification

I tried using the word verification, and while it did stop spammers, it bothered me to use it. So if can't stand it, it wont be on my blog.
It wouldn't be so bad if they made it easier to figure out what the letters are, but they have to use a stupid font where many letters look similar. Or they could have the letters spell out a word, then if you can't figure out a letter, you may know the word, and use an educated guess.
Hopefully I'll get some useful spammers, and you can click on their links and find something that you've wanted

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I am so frustrated with my computer right now. For the past few weeks, Word has been freezing up a lot. When I cut and paste something- freeze. If i plug in my printer while the computer is on - freeze. when things are going normally - freeze. Its a new computer, and its virus free.

I don't know much about computers, but I do know this, it shouldn't be happening like this. I fear losing all my work. One of my computer literate friends asked if the bottom of my laptop gets hot, which it does, he said it may have friend some hardware on the inside of the computer ( The files are INSIDE the computer(10 points if you know where that line is from)) which means I have to go back to the store and have them fix it, lucky for me we got insurance which hopefully should pay. The other thought is to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office. which I think I may do before I go back to the store and return it.

I think everything went to hell around the same time I downloaded the Google desktop option. if Google
F-ed up my computer I will be pissed and only use Yahoo. I have since deleted the program in case it was evil, but it didn't magically fix anything.

I hope I don't lose all my word documents when I do the office un/reinstall thingy.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts

I hate (I know it's a strong word, but it's applicable) the Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts on 10 mile and Greenfield, the service is terrible and English is obviously not language most of the workers are familiar with. Nat and I went out for some after shabbos ice cream, we stood online for a half hour before we were finally helped. They had only one person working. and she seemed new, and unfamiliar with where and what everything was.

One of the more frustrating things are their milk shakes, they are horrible, I stopped ordering them. They aren't thick enough. It's basically a liquid drink. At first when you asked them to make it thick, they acted like they didn't know what that meant. Then they said it cost extra because they have to add more stuff. Now I have just given up. What makes this even more frustrating is, I was in Ypsilanti (Abut 40 minutes from my home) I passes a Baskin Robbins and figured I''d get a shake for dinner, it was amazing, the texture was perfect. Not liquid shake like they have by us. Why can't they make it right by us?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Fantasy Football

Know this right of the bat, I don't like Fantasy Football all that much, that being said, I find myself in a league every season.

Last year draft day, and Jonah being born occurred at the same time, so I missed the draft, had a crappy team and ended near the bottom of the standings. This year I didn't miss the draft and ended up with, on paper at least, a good team.

I've never come close to winning, which my explain my dislike for the game, butr maybe this year will be different. And because I know you care here is my team:

Michael Vick - not sure which of these two will be my main starter
Drew Brees

Marvin Harrison
Randy Moss
Nate Burelson

Chris Brown
Steven Jackson

Jason Witten

David Akers

Pittsburgh Defense

Jerome Bettis
Braylon Edwards
Jermaine Wiggens
Jason Hanson
Kurt warner

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Haaaappp biiiirthday dear Jonah
happy birthday to you

Wow he's one, that's pretty cool. I asked Jonah what his favorite part of last year was. Being born would have to be up there he said. Also meeting some new friends, and going to a couple of ball games with his mommy and daddy.

There are some memories he'd rather forget, like falling off the bed, having diarrhea for a month, and some of the shots he got. But all in all it's been a pretty cool year for him