Monday, February 26, 2007

How sweet it is

They (whoever they are) say the first victory is the toughest, I hope that is true. After an 0-8 start in my XBOX Live Madden 06 career I finally got a W. It wasn't easy, but thanks to an interception returned for a TD I squeaked out an 11-7 victory.

I was the Bengals going up against the Raiders - Early on I was able to run the ball, but I had no passing game. My opponent game plan early on was to keep on tossing to Randy Moss, for the most part I held my own, I double teamed Moss, and played a deep zone. He did beat me deep one time for a TD, and I was down 7-0. Early in the second quarter, I punted to Moss, and he was injured during the return, unable to return. Offensively the other guy done, he had no running game, and I was shutting down his passing game. But I still couldn't score, and we went to the half 7-0.

In the 3rd quarter I broke a big run, knocked out of bounce at the 7 yard line. On the ensuing play I rolled to my right, and tossed a pass into the front of the end zone, it was picked off, but I guess just outside the end zone, and I tackled him in the end zone for a safety. Now I'm down 7-2 with the ball, and feeling pretty good about myself. Sadly, I didn't score on the next possession and the score held at 7-2 until about a minute left in the game.

1st down, he ran the ball, I stopped him called a TO
2nd down, assuming he was going to continue to run the ball, I packed 8 guys in the box, he was in goal line formation. He called a play action passing play, luckily I didn't have an all out blitz on - He tossed it up, I came down with it, and returned it 45 yards for a TD- I went for 2 and didn't convert- I'm up 8-7

He got the ball with 25 seconds, and due to bad kick on my oart, that went directly out of bounds, he started at the 40. But I held him to a three and out. Then I got the ball back, ran three times, he called TO with each one, 5 seconds left, I kicked a field goal to seal the game at 11-7.

If you're still reading this I'm impressed by your dedication - and I don't imagine that I will detail each of my XBOX LIVE victories, I'm just excited by my first one.

If you have XBOX Live Madden 06 let me know, we can play my gamertag is Shnat

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Jonah and I were watching the Pistons - Bulls game yesterday afternoon, and at the same time playing with his little people. The announcer mentioned "Chicago" Jonah looked up from his toys and said, "Chicago, they play football -They were in the Super Bowl." I was shocked he remembered - most people don't even remember the losing team.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pat Riley

After seeing Dwayne Wade taken off the court in a wheelchair (for a shoulder injury) and then heard that he was taken out of teh arena in a stretcher, I couldn't help but wonder, if this is injury is serious and Wade misses significant time this season, will his front runner of a coach Pat Riley realize that he still hasn't fully recovered yet, and take more time off?

Big Gedalia Goomber

Everyone, or most everyone, knows that Big Gedalia Goomber "Ain't gonna work on Saturday" not for "Double, double, triple pay" But did you know he was a smoker?

My mom was playing some of her old records for Jonah this morning, and she came across this classic - Things were certainly different back in the day.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Speeding Ticket

Is there anything that ruins your day more than a speeding a ticket.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Computer Issue

Somehow my computer contracted a virus, from what I can tell the main issues were that I couldn't log onto to anything, any email address, Blogger, or Facebook. It also disabled my Norton, and I couldn't turn it back on. When I would run their virus scan , Spy bot or the link, and did Ad Aware, they all came back clean. When I did run Norton Antivirus it cam up with some error messages, so I followed their instruction, and did somethings, when I restarted everything was fine, Norton was back to normal, it was on, it said the one virus that was unprotected was now protected, so I restarted the computer in normal mode, and everything was back to crappy.

Finally I decided that I had to contact Norton, I went to their website to discover that in order to call technical support t costs 29.95 per call. But they did have free online chat. After waiting about a half hour it was my turn to chat with Nawaz - even chatting I could tell that we had a language problem. He told me that I may have a virus!!! I told him that. Later in this useless chat - he told me that I may have to unistall Norton and reinstall it. I asked him, what that would do, and he told me it would take it would remove the program, and then put it back. I said, I understand teh concept, but how will that fix anything.

He was pretty useless, but said that his records showed that my subscription ended in January, which is incorrect, it ends in May. So he said that I should call customer service. They didn't know what he was talking about, but said that if I needed to uninstall the program, I would need to buy the 07 version to reinstall this.

I told him that I still had a few months and didnt want to purchase the new version, since the old one failed me miserably, and they should let me download the program, that plea felt on deaf ears.

So I went to their website, and saw that you can download a trial version. I decided that this was all I needed right now. SO I downloaded the Trial version, run the scan, and I think that fixed the problem. But my computer is running slower than normal, although I can log in to my email which is a step up. Now when I open Internet Explorer it takes a while for it to load, but once it does all is good.

I think I need to send the computer for a checkup to fix all it's issues.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Blogger has been driving me nuts lately, since they switched to the "New Blogger" I needed a Gmail account to sign in, and I didn't have one. I was ready to quit blogging, which I still may do, but finally I decided to get a GMAIL account. So Nat invite me and I got the GMAIL account, which I don't need, but now I can blog again. Unfortunately I have had writers block for a while and don't have much to say. So please bear with me, one day I'll be entertaining again.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl Prediction

honestly, I don't care who wins the game, as long as Peyton Manning doesn't win it. That being said I guess I am hoping the Bears win. If the Colts do win the game, I can only hope that Manning has a bad game.

It's not that I hate Manning, I like his commercials, it's that I believe every sport and generation needs a Dan Marino, and Charles Barkley - The greatest never to win it all. If everyone wins where is the fun in that. It's for that same reason I was disappointed that the Red Sox won the World Series a few years back. (Sorry Mark)