Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's more impressive

Whoever wins the Super Bowl this year will accomplish what only 43 other teams have done. What the Lions ACCOMPLISHED this season, losing every single game, is something has only been done one time. The Lions outdid the other team, who had only lost 14 games, but blowing all 16 games.
So I ask you, which is more impressive?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Funny Jonah Story

Jonah wanted to play on the computer today, and I decided to try some educational program, a learn how to read website called

Basically, the website gives you the last two letters of a words, and a picture and you have to come up with the first letter, and they give 4 options.

They showed "en" and showed a hen, so Jonah was sounding it out "hhhhhh" and then said "Hey" (a letter in the Hebrew AlphaBet that sounds the same as "H")

It was very funny, I told him he had the rights sound but the wrong language.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kayla Rivka

Life has sure been crazy lately, Nat and I had a baby girl, her name is Kayla Rivka I will post some pictures probably tomorrow

Sunday, January 18, 2009

night out

Nat and I went out to the movies last night, I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've gone to the movies since the day before Sammy was born. We saw Madagascar 2, there were 2 options for Madagascar, we could see it in in English, or in Hebrew, obviously we chose the English the English version.

This brought a couple questions to Nat's mind
1. Is it really worth it for the theater to have the English speaking version if there is Hebrew speaking one -
A. We were the only people in the theater - so it probably did not make sense for them to have an english version.

2. Since people have the option for the hebrew one, will there be subtitles
A. Yes, they still had subtitles, whoch I don't mind, because I like to read the hebrew.

The movie itself was cute, oddly enough out of the last 4 movies Nat and I have been 3 have been animated - Flushed Away, Madagascar 1, and now Madagascar 2, (don't remember what the non-animated one in the middle is so it's possible that the last 3 movies have been animated.)

The problem with the movie was it reminded us a LOT of the Lion King, I think the writers couldn't think of a great storyline for the Lion so they just stile Simba's life and used it. But other than that it was pretty funny.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

makes even less sense then yesterday.

Well, Israel decided they didn't want to fight anymore despite Hamas saying they weren't ready to stop firing rockets at us.

Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped Israeli Soldier, is still being held by Hamas. The israeli prime minister and defense minister said they are still commited to bringing him back home, I'm curious how.

We blasted the crap out of Hamas and didn't get him, and then instead of finishing the job, Israel quit. Do they expect that Hamas will give back Shalit as a thank for leaving present?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I don't get it

I just read on that Israel is considering a ceasefire with Hamas. and here are the terms.
Hamas doesn't attack Israel for 1 year and Israel has to pull out.
At the same time they have sworn to avenge the death of one of their leaders, and they demand 1000 terrorists returned from jail.

I don't know a lot, maybe someone can explain it to me better, but why teh hell would Israel accept this? Basically, Hamas has sworn that they will avenge a guys death, and probably in 365 days they will once again attack Israel, and Israel will be able to reattack GAZA and have the whoel thing happen again. Why not just finish the job now when Hamas is on the run. Don;t give them time to replenish their troops and get new weapons...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spitting at the clock

A while back someone, I think it was Yaakov, told me that of you stick your tongue out and blow at the computer the screen will dance and jump around.

I was bored this afternoon and I did it at the clock and it was fun, the numbers were going in all different direction. I told to Nat to do it, but she refused, so instead I called Jonah over and showed him what to do. After that Nat saw how much fun we were having and she tried it and saw how much fun we had, so she stuck out her tongue and gave it a whirl, and agreed that it was so much fun.

Then Batch tried, and we all learned that Batch (some of you know her as Shev or Shevy, or just my little sister ) doesn't know how to spit, she tried and tried but couldn't bring herself to see the numbers bounce. Finally, she managed to do something in her throat and made it happen.

Good time on Shabbat in Ariel

Monday, January 05, 2009

An all around sucky day

A little background...
I had an interview two weeks ago Jerusalem and I left hopeful that I would get the job. They said I should hear back from them within two week. Last Thursday I decided to follow up with the interviewer and see if I made it to the next round of interviews. She spoke to me in Hebrew and I was pretty sure she said that she was going to call me on Sunday and let me know, do I want to come in on Monday morning for an interview. I told her that would be great, how did 10:00 sound. She said that was good and we hung up.

Last night I went to bed a little nauseous, I thought it night have something to do with the huge schnitzel sandwich I ate, and I figured I could sleep it off. Sadly, I woke up around 2 something in the morning and threw up. I was debating about calling and rescheduling the interview, but then I decided I should man-up and go.

I caught the 7:30 bus to Jerusalem, it took a little under 2 hours of twisty turny roads, I felt like throwing up for much of the ride. I got to Jerusalem and walked to catch the bus that would take me close to the office. I got on the bus around a quarter to 10.

I called the person I had been in contact with and told her I was on the way, just running a few minutes late. She was very confused as to why I was coming in. I told her I spoke with her on Thursday about the second interview, and she told me to come in today.

Then she switched to English and said there must have been a miscommunication, she told me to call her on Monday and she would be able to update me. The promblem with my Hebrew comprehension is that I know some of the words and then I plug in the ones that I didn't understand. So I heard Monday at 10:00 and assumed that what she meant I had an interview Monday at 10:00.

I got off the bus in Geula, walked back to the central bus station, with a stop-off at Marzipan for some rugelach, and caught the 11:00 bus back to Ariel. I was so exhausted, a bit nauseous , but there is very little leg room on the bus and I couldn't get comfortable, add that to the bus having issues, so the driver had to keep shutting down teh engine and retsrating and it was not an enjoyable ride back.

I got home around 12:30 and found Nat lying on the couch looking sick. she must have caught whatever I have. So there we sat all day curled on the couches, neither one of us wanted to get off teh couch to deal with the kids, so they kinda were kind of neglected all day. And now Sammy isn't going to sleep, he's just sitting in bed screaming "Mommy"

Hopefully tomorrow, a fast day, will be an improvement

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Prayer for the Welfare of Soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces

Prayer for the Welfare of Soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces

May He who blessed our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, bless the soldiers
of the Israel Defense Forces who keep guard over our country and cities of
our Lord from the border with Lebanon to the Egyptian desert and from the
Mediterranean Sea to the approach to the Arava, be they on land, air or sea.

May the Almighty deliver us our enemies who arise against us, may the Holy
One, blessed be He, preserve them and save them from all sorrow and peril,
from danger and ill.

May He send blessing and success in all their endeavors, may He deliver to
them those who hate us and crown them with salvation and victory, so that
the saying may be fulfilled through them, "For the Lord, your God, who walks
with you and to fight your enemies for you and to save you", and let us say,

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Israeli Air Force

I saw this the Muqata blog , he gives up to teh minute updates on the war here. He explained how the Israeli Air Force operates and I felt it was was worth re-posting

"5:05 PM Just to give people an idea of how the Israeli Air Force works, they use a method called "Knocking On The Roof". There are several steps...
1. The AF calls the house they're about to hit that they are about to bomb it.
2. The residents send all the women and children to the roof of the building with the understanding that the AF won't strike civilians.
3. The AF has developed a small missile that creates a small non-lethal explosion without shrapnel to scare off all the civilians.
4. When they have left the area the building is hit with the big guns.

5:01 PM
IDF called Nazir Rayan (He was a top hamas bad guy - shu) to tell him that they were about to bomb the site. He decided to stay in the house with his family and people. 10-16 killed in the attack."