Monday, January 05, 2009

An all around sucky day

A little background...
I had an interview two weeks ago Jerusalem and I left hopeful that I would get the job. They said I should hear back from them within two week. Last Thursday I decided to follow up with the interviewer and see if I made it to the next round of interviews. She spoke to me in Hebrew and I was pretty sure she said that she was going to call me on Sunday and let me know, do I want to come in on Monday morning for an interview. I told her that would be great, how did 10:00 sound. She said that was good and we hung up.

Last night I went to bed a little nauseous, I thought it night have something to do with the huge schnitzel sandwich I ate, and I figured I could sleep it off. Sadly, I woke up around 2 something in the morning and threw up. I was debating about calling and rescheduling the interview, but then I decided I should man-up and go.

I caught the 7:30 bus to Jerusalem, it took a little under 2 hours of twisty turny roads, I felt like throwing up for much of the ride. I got to Jerusalem and walked to catch the bus that would take me close to the office. I got on the bus around a quarter to 10.

I called the person I had been in contact with and told her I was on the way, just running a few minutes late. She was very confused as to why I was coming in. I told her I spoke with her on Thursday about the second interview, and she told me to come in today.

Then she switched to English and said there must have been a miscommunication, she told me to call her on Monday and she would be able to update me. The promblem with my Hebrew comprehension is that I know some of the words and then I plug in the ones that I didn't understand. So I heard Monday at 10:00 and assumed that what she meant I had an interview Monday at 10:00.

I got off the bus in Geula, walked back to the central bus station, with a stop-off at Marzipan for some rugelach, and caught the 11:00 bus back to Ariel. I was so exhausted, a bit nauseous , but there is very little leg room on the bus and I couldn't get comfortable, add that to the bus having issues, so the driver had to keep shutting down teh engine and retsrating and it was not an enjoyable ride back.

I got home around 12:30 and found Nat lying on the couch looking sick. she must have caught whatever I have. So there we sat all day curled on the couches, neither one of us wanted to get off teh couch to deal with the kids, so they kinda were kind of neglected all day. And now Sammy isn't going to sleep, he's just sitting in bed screaming "Mommy"

Hopefully tomorrow, a fast day, will be an improvement


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