Thursday, January 01, 2009

Israeli Air Force

I saw this the Muqata blog , he gives up to teh minute updates on the war here. He explained how the Israeli Air Force operates and I felt it was was worth re-posting

"5:05 PM Just to give people an idea of how the Israeli Air Force works, they use a method called "Knocking On The Roof". There are several steps...
1. The AF calls the house they're about to hit that they are about to bomb it.
2. The residents send all the women and children to the roof of the building with the understanding that the AF won't strike civilians.
3. The AF has developed a small missile that creates a small non-lethal explosion without shrapnel to scare off all the civilians.
4. When they have left the area the building is hit with the big guns.

5:01 PM
IDF called Nazir Rayan (He was a top hamas bad guy - shu) to tell him that they were about to bomb the site. He decided to stay in the house with his family and people. 10-16 killed in the attack."


At 7:39 AM, Anonymous josh said...

This mercy on people who want our blood running in the streets is immoral. It means that for every target we are planning on hitting, we warn three times (muqata didn't include sending text messages to people in a radius around the building). It's not our job to care for the people who embrace the terrorists.
It wastes planning time, and risks Jewish lives in order to look better in the eyes of the goyim.
Every second that we warn a terrorist of an incoming bomb is a chance that him and his friends will run to fight another day and kill more Jews.
Halacha talks extensively about war, and mercy is granted up to a minimal point.


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