Sunday, November 23, 2008

A new chavrusa

A little bit ago I requested a chavrusa, and someone hooked me up with one..who doesn't speak English.

Today was our first day, we are learning Gemara Shabbat..Here is an example of how our language barrier has effected us so far. We were supposed to meet at 2:15 at the beit mdrash, I have never met this person, just given his name and number. I arrived a few minutes early, peeked into the beit midrash to see if there was anyone who looked like he was waiting to meet with someone. There were a couple guys learning by themselves, none looked up when the new guy walked in, so I called. I told him I was at the beit midrash, and I continued to wait.

After a few mninutes of just standing outside, I ventured back inside, sat down open a sefer and waited for him to come. At 2:30 I decided that I was going to call him - because I had to leave at 3:00. I called him, and I was pretty sure he said that he was just around the corner, to the right of the beit midrash, I went in to wait.This time, someone looked uo from their sefer, and waved me over..their sitting to teh right of the entrace was my chavrusa, he had been sitting there the whole..I told himn that I had been sitting one table over for the last 15 minutes waiting..we had a nice laugh, and then started learning.

I think I understood most of what he said in regarding the learning so that was good


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