Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Omega Shipping

I don't get this company it's as if they are trained that the customer is an annoyance, rather than a customer. For those who don't know Omega Shipping is the horrible company that we used for our lift to Israel. For more background go to Nat's blog and read about their uselessness.

Here is my latest issue.
Some stuff on the lift came broken, so we filled out teh insurance forms, but I needed some additional information. I sent the following E-mail to Liat Yosef, Export coordinator


In order to fill out the insurance sheet I need the following information
Departure date of Shipment
Arrival Date
policy number
endt number
Plus where do I send the form, to your or to Atlas Insurance? if its to Atlas how do I send it to them

Thank you
Shauli Zacks

She sent me this reply

Dear Shauli Zacks,

You have the information on the policy.
Please send it directly to atlas you also have their tell # and info on the policy.
Thank you

Liat Yosef
Export Coordinator
Omega Shipping Co, Inc

Obviously, I don't have the information, or I wouldn't have asked her for it. And let's say it is in my policy, which I don't see. Would it have killed her to put in the information. Even if she wants to tell me that I have it and I'm an idiot for not looking hard enough, but here is what you want. Instead she basically says, don't bother me with your problems.

So I called her and she again told me that I have it, I calmly told her that I don't see it anywhere, and if she has it on file can she give it to me. She really didn't want. She insisted I have it in some policy, which I don't have. I asked if I could at least have the phone number for the insurance company so I can submit my claim, and she says, its right there on the policy its a 1-800 and they have a fax. I again,. repeated that I DIDNT HAVE THIS INFORMATION, CAN SHE GIVE ME THE REST OF THE PHONE NUMBER. Perhaps she thought if I dialed 1-800 and wanted to call the insurance the phone would somehow know.

Finally she said she would look at my file and e-mail the information., I'm pretty sure she just wanted to get me off the phone because it's been about 4 hours and I haven't heard from her.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger concernedjewgirl said...

Wow what an *itch!
Can you sue them?
Can you do anything to them cause they are horrible people. Take out an add on the internet, or news paper to tell people how awful they really are!

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Just Shu said...

I won't take out an ad, but I'll let people making aliyah know through different networking groups and message boards..Just waiting to be totally done with them

At 6:19 PM, Blogger tennisman said...

hi I moved with omega to Haifa and had no problems at all great service , nice movers, and very good price. i worked with alon he was great and took lots of time with me. the movers in isreal broke my table filed claim with atlas and got paid after 60 days i found all the details on my policy suggest you read the policy its all listed
rgds tennisman

At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently moved with Omega Shipping which I had 2 containers from 2 different location, at the beginning I didn’t know how would I be doing it, until I talked with Omega Shipping, they were easy going, explained all the information in advance I had no problem and no surprises, there price was very competitive from all the other companies I’ve checked. My shipment was complicated but they made it look as it’s a walk in the park.

my insurance: I was so nerves’ I completed my insurance paper work before my shipment left the US. I got all my insurance documents and policy as soon as the container left to Israel all was good thank god.

They also moved my cousin to France which he highly recommended Omega Shipping

I really recommend them to anyone, they made my move easy

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Advisor said...

see also
These guys are really bad!


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