Thursday, December 04, 2008

A deep conversation with a 4 year old

I was reading Jonah a bedtime story, a dinosaur book, and Jonah interrupts me and asks how Hashem remembers to make it night day all the time. I explained to him the the Hashem set the earth to go around the sun. I used a soccer ball to demonstrate. (thank goodness for that orbit book at mom and dads.)

He was happy with my answer and then said, so Hashem is up in space?
Hashem is everywhere I said, and I went through the hashem is here, there song. Next he asked what Hashem looked like. I told him that Hashem doesn't look like anything.
He thought for a second and then said, I know about dinosaurs because i read lots of dinosaur books, are there any books about Hashem?
I told him there is it's called the Torah.

Then he asked if it says how hashem made the world.
I told him that it does, it says that Hashem made the sky and the ground and light and dark.
Then he asked, was Hashem there before then.
I said he was and then he asked how...and I decided it was time close the discussion and I went back to reading the book.


I forgot about part of the discussion.
Jonah asked me why Hashem made the bad king.
I asked which king
He said you know the one that was mean to the Jews.
Paroh, I guessed.
Yea, Paroh, why did hashem make him if he was mean to the Jews.
I explained that just like I have tp put him in timeout when he doesn't listen, Hashem also has to punish the Jews when they don't listen, so he made Paroh to punish the Jews.

He was OK with that, then he asked. Why did Hashem kill all the dinosaurs.
I told him I had no idea.
He thought and then said, maybe it's so we can live here.
I told him that made a lot of sense.


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