Sunday, January 18, 2009

night out

Nat and I went out to the movies last night, I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've gone to the movies since the day before Sammy was born. We saw Madagascar 2, there were 2 options for Madagascar, we could see it in in English, or in Hebrew, obviously we chose the English the English version.

This brought a couple questions to Nat's mind
1. Is it really worth it for the theater to have the English speaking version if there is Hebrew speaking one -
A. We were the only people in the theater - so it probably did not make sense for them to have an english version.

2. Since people have the option for the hebrew one, will there be subtitles
A. Yes, they still had subtitles, whoch I don't mind, because I like to read the hebrew.

The movie itself was cute, oddly enough out of the last 4 movies Nat and I have been 3 have been animated - Flushed Away, Madagascar 1, and now Madagascar 2, (don't remember what the non-animated one in the middle is so it's possible that the last 3 movies have been animated.)

The problem with the movie was it reminded us a LOT of the Lion King, I think the writers couldn't think of a great storyline for the Lion so they just stile Simba's life and used it. But other than that it was pretty funny.


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