Thursday, April 28, 2005


As I drove home from the car lot, I couldnt help but winder what the theives wanted out of our car. it isnt the smoothest car, so I wouldt classify it as a "joy ride" they left everything of value, the car seat, the stroller and my printer. They didnt even take the picture of Nat Jonah and me. All the papers from the glove compartment were strewn about the front section. but we didnt notie anything was missing.This left me with two conclusions, One: the thieves were sitting next to us at the ballgame, and didnt like that we werecheering for the opposing Cardinals, and so to punish us they took our car home. Or Two: they didnt have enough money for a taxi ride home, so they broke into our car got home, and left it for the cops to find. If this was a TV show, the cops would have taken the car in for fingerprints, and we would have gotten our sweet justice, but in real life no such thing happens.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"I have to go, someone was just shot (3 times)"

(I don't usually like to repost thing from one blog to teh other, but deal with it)

Tuesday night was shaping up to be a great night, Nat, Jonah and I went to our second baseball of the week, and we brought along Ruthie. Nat had really wanted to go to the game because the St Louis Cardinals were in town, so we went. The Cards blew the Pirates out and a good time was had by all.
We walked back t the parking lot where we left our car, and had little reason to expect that it wouldn’t be there when we got there. But we were sure in for a surprise when we got to the lot. Our car (really the AP's car) wasn't there. Our first thought was that it was towed, because we didn’t pay the ten dollars for parking. Let clarify, it wasn't like we snuck in or anything, but the guard had left, and the parking arm was up, we knew this would happen, because we parked there Sunday and had no problems. So we call the owners of the lot, to ask where the car was, and they informed us that they have no authority to tow a car even if it’s illegally parked, so the car must have been stolen. While this is going on, Jonah who had been an angel the whole ball game was getting hungry, but the extra bottle and water were in the car, so I ran of to a bar to find some water so we could feed the little guy. While I was at the bar, I saw a Police officer and told him what happened, and he said I should call 911 and they'll send a squad car down to the lot, and run the plate’s and see if it was towed somehow or if it showed up. Here's where we ran into a new problem, we had no idea what the license plate number was. So we called the AP's in Israel, they didn’t answer. I called Gil in the miracle hope that for some reason he had our invoice at home, and could give us the number, he didn’t. Finally I got through to Adina's (Mrs. AP'S) mom, she didn’t have it either, but was able to go to teh AP's house and get me all the info we needed. While she was looking the Police officer who came to help us informed us that he had to go because someone was just shot and he was the closest. He said when we get the plate number we should call it in, and if hes still around he will come back for us, otherwise they'll send someone else. Around 15 or 20 minutes later, we got the info, and the officer returned, and we gave him all the info. He told us that if they find it, they'll call us, and we have 30 minutes to meet them, or they'll tow it to the pound, and we have to retrieve it from there.
We called Zip and asked if him or his wife could come and pick us up, which Mrs. zip did, and took us back to White Oak. First though we needed a baby seat, so she stopped by Nat's cousin to pick it up, and the cuz sent a bottle for Jonah. Aside from the car and the baby seat we also lost our stroller, (and a piece of our innocence.)
At around 2:30 in the morning AP called us back to see what was up and why we left messages on every phone he has, and we told him what had happened. He said he'll call the insurance company (we are on their ins. policy, so that’s a good thing) he wasn’t upset at us, since we did everything in our power, we locked all the doors, we left it in a lot, someone just felt they needed a 96 Honda civic with a baby seat in it.
We are still coming home tonight, and we just hope they find the car still in one piece and the person who stole it still in it. And they arrest him and let us come and kick the crap out of him. That would be sweet justice.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Peanut butter and Jelly

All through elementary and middle school I would bring peanut butter and jelly to school for lunch. It was my favorite meal, Id eat it 4 or 5 times a week. Then as I grew older and went off to Pittsburgh for High School, for some unexplained reason I stopped eating the Jelly, now i was a plain peanut butter man. This went on a few years until last week. I went home for lunch, and decided to make my sandwich, and for no reason at all I added jelly, and it was good, and I was happy. Today for lunch i had my sandwich without the jelly, and it wasn’t as good as my sandwiches have been the last few days. The jelly just ads something to the texture that enhances the peanut buttery taste, and it makes it smoother. I guess my point is, you don’t realize how good something is, until you have it lose, and go back to your old way of life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Turns out I have a very addictive personality, I have trouble quitting. I'm talking about playing games oin the internet while at work. I founda coupl,e of games that I have to keep playing no matter how many times I declare it to be the last game. Whats nice is not only does my boss not mind, as loing as I get some work done, he showed teh websites to find these games. (,, Nonetheless i still feel guilty if I play to often, but as I mentioned before there are some really slow days on the job, and today is the slowest since I've been here.

Monday, April 11, 2005

New Giedeons

In my fiorst week on my new job, I stopped by an insurance guys office to see if he was interested in advertising with us. During our conversation I mentioned that I had recently moved to White Oak, and my hoiuse was directly behind his office. I was trying to create a connection with the guy, so he would advertise with us. H ewasnt interested, he does his advertising through his parent company. After he toldme that I was ready to leave, but then he started about the New Gideons and his religeous beliefs and crap. For some reason I just let hiom talk, I didnt want to be rude, and tell him I didnt care, and I didnt have anywhere else to go. So he rambled on for a few minutes about his people, and before I was able to escape, he gave me the new testament,which they had included, Psalms and Provberbs "because they were pretty". I left his office and tossed out the testament, and forgot about the whole thing. Untill now, I was in Detroit over the weekend, and when I retruned there was an envolope with my name in it. I opened it up and there was a letter form the new gideon, he asked how I was, wanted to know if read his bible yet, because he would like it if I stopped by his office to discus with him.
Well this totally freaked Nat out, she called me an idiot for telling thsi guy where I lived (she has a point) Although at the time I didnt think anything of it.
So I'm ignoring his letter, I thought about going to his office and telling him I'm not interested, I just didnt want to be rude, but that was voted down. The hope is that he doesnt try to contact me again. Otherwise I just may have to tell him off.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


For the first time since I started working in Pittsburgh I was bored. Yesterday was so slow that i read lots of Blogs, of people I didn't know, just to see what they had to say. I was surprised at how many blogs werent written in English. I found a couple of inetresting ones, and a few dirty ones, which help pass the time at work, mostly they sucked though. I also watched some of the Red Sox- Yankee game online, this was annoying though, because for some reason our internet shuts itself off every 10 minutes or so for a few seconds, so I had to constantly reload the video.

Heres the interesting thing about a slow boring day in sales. I spent most of teh afternoion calling limo places and tuxedo place to see if they were interested in advertising with us, with prom just around the cornor, and either they werent interested, or they werent around and I left a message. About 5 minutes before I left one of teh Limo places called and we set up a meeting for next Monday. If they signa contract with me, it validate smy entire day, which uop until that point, felt like a wasted day.

Despite the Internet issues, if I'm in my office today at around 1:00 I iwll attempt to watch the Tigers, who are undefeated this season, whilst I work.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Im excited for baseball to start. Im tirediof the crapp thats been on with the sport i used to play as a child..i couldnt care less if the players are doping up or not. whats cool is my friend danis friend has mlbtv, which means i can watch the tigers while in pittsburgh on the web. Expectation for the tigers are good, they shouldnt totally suck thi year, but then again i say that every year. why should this year be any different???

Friday, April 01, 2005


There isnt a whole lot to write about. I have completed my second week of work, I still enjoy it for the most oart. I'm not abig fan of shaving every day and dressing nicely,. but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do. I sold some adverting space yesterday, that was exciting, I convinced the guy that he wanted six montyh, instead of three, I'm so persuasive.
untill moving to White Oak i never had a nice thing to say about blockbuster, i always found them overpriced and understocked, trhankfully however, they have a great deal going, 9.99 unlimited movies for a month. This works out great fopr us, because every nnight me and nat rent a movie. there isnt much else to do here, Our TV gets lousy reception, and if i played XBOX while Nat was awake, then what would she do. So we watch movies.
I wish something exciting happened so I could blog it, amybe next time ill have something more exciting to say...till then Shabbat Shalom to all