Wednesday, April 06, 2005


For the first time since I started working in Pittsburgh I was bored. Yesterday was so slow that i read lots of Blogs, of people I didn't know, just to see what they had to say. I was surprised at how many blogs werent written in English. I found a couple of inetresting ones, and a few dirty ones, which help pass the time at work, mostly they sucked though. I also watched some of the Red Sox- Yankee game online, this was annoying though, because for some reason our internet shuts itself off every 10 minutes or so for a few seconds, so I had to constantly reload the video.

Heres the interesting thing about a slow boring day in sales. I spent most of teh afternoion calling limo places and tuxedo place to see if they were interested in advertising with us, with prom just around the cornor, and either they werent interested, or they werent around and I left a message. About 5 minutes before I left one of teh Limo places called and we set up a meeting for next Monday. If they signa contract with me, it validate smy entire day, which uop until that point, felt like a wasted day.

Despite the Internet issues, if I'm in my office today at around 1:00 I iwll attempt to watch the Tigers, who are undefeated this season, whilst I work.


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