Monday, March 28, 2005

Back and forth

After a nice Purim in which I saw my dad get hammered, Nat Jonah and I, drove seperately to Pittsburgh. Most of teh trip Nat had JOnah, which was nice for me, I listened , through tkns of static, to the NCAA tourny games and made sure that Nat was right ebhind me. The first half the trip was perfect, we didnt stop till we got near cleveland, and Jonah was sleeping, so we didnt have to make extra stops. (Even though he wasnt in my car, we still made teh same stops.) sadly though, he woke up and not in a good mood, after we had to stop at every single rest stop, which added a horrendous 2 hours to the drive. The worst part for me was the final leg...Natalie couldnt take it anymore, so we traded cars, the rain was pouring down, and the tears were flowing from Jonahs eyes.. the only way he would stop screaming is if he was holding my hand...which meant I was driving with my body twisted so my arm could reach over his baby seat, and hold onto his hand. not very comfortable, or safe for that matter...Natalie, who as driving behind me, was wondering why my car was swerving so much, and it was all attempt to keep my sanity. Anyway, we finally made it to our tempo home, and we are getting settled in, its not home, thats for sure, but its livable. gotta get to work,..the boss expects results


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