Friday, August 10, 2007

It's all over

....I think.

We went outside to check out the hive and there wasn't much going on, Just a the charred bodies of our enemies, and a bunch of flies looking for a some Cajun bee snacks.

All that's left now is getting rid of the hive. Our friend is supposed to come by and help toss it out, tho I don't where it will get tossed. I assume before we get close to it again, we will toss something at the hive, to make sure that we aren't walking into a trap. If whatever we toss hits the hive and nothing happens then we will remove the hive. Put back the step, add some sealant around the bottom to prevent future attacks and go into Shabbos relaxed and able to once again play on the porch.


It was time to stop being cowards, it was time to be Macabees!

I had slipped out of the house to go to work, and a friend came and emptied a canister and a half of ammo onto the bees. They weren't thrilled with his plan, but they opted not to sting him. Instead they flew around the house for a while not letting anyone else come and go.

Somehow, one of the bees managed to get past our security and entered our house, Nat was quick to trap it under the cup. This confused the bee who didn't think it was Succos time yet. He was a POW for an hour or so.

On the way home from the office I stopped at the hardware store and bought more poison to waste on these guys. I waited for the bees to calm down and allowed Nat to take the kids and escape for a while. Then I stood in my house, put the ammo through the screen door and emptied another cannister on these guys.

Sadly, the angle I had was awful, our friend stood outside right over the nest and shot, they were mad by now so I stayed inside. After I emptied the canister I noticed that I missed the nest, got all around it, but from my angle it was an impossible shot. I did see that some bees were dead in the foam.

I will continue to update as things progress. Our friend is planning on coming back later in the day and get rid of the nest for us. I''ll be interested in how that plays out. Hopefully this issue will be resolved before Shabbos

Mission Failed!!!

I was lying in bed last night around 1:30 trying to figure out my next step, when it hit me I should use my car. I got dressed, snuck out the side of the house and ran to the car. I drove into the step, and backed into it a couple of times, with the hopes of knocking it off the wooden stoop it sits, so I can get a better view of their home base. I noticed a cat leaving their home, I wasn't sure who side he was one, was he going to eat the bees or collaborate with them.

After the attack I ran back into the house so I can see my handiwork. I was successful in knocking the step of the stoop, but I still couldn't see where the nest was. Part B of the plan had me getting up at 5 a.m. checking the situation out from the side and finishing the job.
At 6:30 Nat woke me up, informed that I slept right through the alarm and my window was shut, the bees were getting up around then also. So I went back to bed, content allow Nat to bring in the pros.

I got another hour or so of sleep, in which I had a dream that one Bee was coming right for me, but I opened fire, and killed it before it could sting me.

After I got dressed, I used the side door so I could finally see this hive, thanks to my handi-work it was exposed, and it was huge. My guess is about the size of a nerf football, but instead of nerf it was filled with bees.

We put up a sign warning innocents, like our mail man, to stay away or use the side door, or risk being attacked by these guys. I will update you on upcoming developments and post photos.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Under Siege

The siege has been raging for slightly over 2 hours now, we are unable to go in or out of the house or risk facing the wrath of the swarming bees.

Some background

A few weeks ago some squatters built their little home under the front step of my home. They haven't really bothered us, although they did attack my sisters friend who came to babysit - but I assume she started up with them, they just came and went as they pleased. I started thinking of them pets who you can't pet - like fish. But the edict came down from the big bosses that they are to terminated. We called on the professionals, and the quoted prices of over 100 bucks. This seemed like a lot of money to knock of a bees nest , so We decided to man-up and do the job ourselves.

Nat went out and got the poison, my bro Air is in town from Israel, the plan was simple - take off the step and start firing our weapons. That plan was based on the assumption that the yellow jackets built their nest under the step, not in it, and we would have time. Unfortunately, our intelligence was off and the bees were in the step above ground. Once we got the step off the wood block it sat on, the bees woke up and me and Air went inside.

The bees swarmed the front door, daring us to open it and try and rid get rid of them. I wanted to sneak around the side of the house and fire, the cannister says its deadly on contact with a range of 20 feet. But that idea was shot down. Our intelligence officer said that if I can wait a while, make sure the bees are back in their nest and knock the step all the way over so I can locate the nest and then wake up at first light and shoot the poison right into their home. If I fail at my mission the professional hit man will be called just after first light and they will do the job for me.