Friday, August 10, 2007


It was time to stop being cowards, it was time to be Macabees!

I had slipped out of the house to go to work, and a friend came and emptied a canister and a half of ammo onto the bees. They weren't thrilled with his plan, but they opted not to sting him. Instead they flew around the house for a while not letting anyone else come and go.

Somehow, one of the bees managed to get past our security and entered our house, Nat was quick to trap it under the cup. This confused the bee who didn't think it was Succos time yet. He was a POW for an hour or so.

On the way home from the office I stopped at the hardware store and bought more poison to waste on these guys. I waited for the bees to calm down and allowed Nat to take the kids and escape for a while. Then I stood in my house, put the ammo through the screen door and emptied another cannister on these guys.

Sadly, the angle I had was awful, our friend stood outside right over the nest and shot, they were mad by now so I stayed inside. After I emptied the canister I noticed that I missed the nest, got all around it, but from my angle it was an impossible shot. I did see that some bees were dead in the foam.

I will continue to update as things progress. Our friend is planning on coming back later in the day and get rid of the nest for us. I''ll be interested in how that plays out. Hopefully this issue will be resolved before Shabbos


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