Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stupid stupid stupid me

During football this morning I got my right thumb, which was already bothering me for a month or so, bent back. My initial fear was that I was going to look at my thumb and see it sideways or something messed up like that. Luckily it was straight, not swollen and have full range of motion. SO I tried to keep playing, but I was afraid of having the ball smack my finger so after the next set of downs I called it a day for me.

Throughout the day my thumb was bothering me but getting better. I had been asked in shul if I wanted to play ball Sunday night, and I said I would probably play. By the time game time rolled around I didn't really want to play, I was tired, didn't sleep much, played football in the morning, spent the day at the zoo, and then a birthday party for one of Jonahs friends, and my thumb was bothering.

Sadly for me I don't like to turn down a game of ball, so I decided to go and see how it was. Initially everything was fine, the thumb wasn't great but it wasn't getting worse, and it wasn't really affecting my game.

Then I went up for a rebound and the ball came down right on my thumb, bent in the same spot, with the same sharp shooting pain, as the football. Again I finished the game, but was totally useless, had to play left handed, which isn't so pretty.

Tomorrow I will probably try and see a hand doctor, I'm pretty sure he'll say that there is no broken or really wrong, but I should give it a rest for a while. While I'm there maybe I'll ask him to look at a finger I hurt last year that is still bothering me.


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