Sunday, July 08, 2007

Steroids in baseball

Last night as I was listening to another radio talk host say how much he hates Barry Bonds, and wishes he would get hit by the every pitch I had a thought. Neifi Perez, possibly one of the worst offensive players on the Tigers, dare I say league was just suspended 25 games for taking some banned supplements. These wonder drugs did allow him to hit a whopping ONE home run and have a batting average just shy of .200 - I'm starting to think perhaps the performance enhancers don't do all that much.

another Bonds thought - i was watching the show formerly known as cold pizza just after they announced the All Star teams. One of the guys said that Bonds shouldn't be on the team because he's a cheater. Not five minutes later, it may have even been the next question, when asked who the biggest snub was, he said Sammy Sosa, just as much in the steroid controversy as Bonds. He said, the guy just hit 600 home runs, he should be an All Star. Everyone knows that Sosa cheated, his corked bat broke during a game, and he had some lame excuse. Bonds is still a top player, his on base % is over.500, or least was, which is ridiculous, No question he should be an All Star.


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