Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So far our Seattle trip has been pretty busy some highlights

- Two of our three dinners have been a the vegetarian Chinese place, not sure who came up with this idea - but the food was pretty good. The first night we ate there I had some fake beef platter, my mind knew it was fake, but my stomach was expecting meat, and wasn't thrilled with me.

- We went to a really cool aquarium, saw soem sharks, otters, whales and an octopus, bigger than any I've seen at the Joe, that was really moving around. The girl who worked there told a great story about the octopus. They separated the man and lady 'pus, but one day the guy broke down the wall between of them and they made sweet sweet happiness. Two sad things for the guy, one they usually mate toward the end of their life, and second once the aquarium saw this they sent in a little diver to separate them, mid act. This poor guy achieve his goal of busting down the wall, then he got the girl, only to be yanked apart and realize he will probably die soon.

- Today we went to a baseball game at Safeco field, it's a nice park with a retractable roof that covered teh stadium in the second inning. There was also a nice play area which Jonah went and ran around in. I liked the play area, but glad they don't have it in Detroit, because when I go to Comerica I want to see the game, not a play area.

- After the game we walked to Krispy Kreme, it was a big one, and we got to watch them make the donuts. After they made them, they gave us 4 hot off the oven donuts. Greatest donuts ever.

- On the down side there is no kosher pizza and the weather has sucked pretty much throughout. Tomoorow should be better and I think we are going to the Zoo and havinga BBQ at Nat's friends house.

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At 9:22 AM, Anonymous mrs. ap said...

what're you...still in seattle?!


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