Friday, August 10, 2007

Mission Failed!!!

I was lying in bed last night around 1:30 trying to figure out my next step, when it hit me I should use my car. I got dressed, snuck out the side of the house and ran to the car. I drove into the step, and backed into it a couple of times, with the hopes of knocking it off the wooden stoop it sits, so I can get a better view of their home base. I noticed a cat leaving their home, I wasn't sure who side he was one, was he going to eat the bees or collaborate with them.

After the attack I ran back into the house so I can see my handiwork. I was successful in knocking the step of the stoop, but I still couldn't see where the nest was. Part B of the plan had me getting up at 5 a.m. checking the situation out from the side and finishing the job.
At 6:30 Nat woke me up, informed that I slept right through the alarm and my window was shut, the bees were getting up around then also. So I went back to bed, content allow Nat to bring in the pros.

I got another hour or so of sleep, in which I had a dream that one Bee was coming right for me, but I opened fire, and killed it before it could sting me.

After I got dressed, I used the side door so I could finally see this hive, thanks to my handi-work it was exposed, and it was huge. My guess is about the size of a nerf football, but instead of nerf it was filled with bees.

We put up a sign warning innocents, like our mail man, to stay away or use the side door, or risk being attacked by these guys. I will update you on upcoming developments and post photos.


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