Monday, February 28, 2005


I know what happens to bad people when they die..They get stuck in a room with a teething baby for a few days and nights. I know everything happens for a reason, but why does it have to hurt the poor kid to get his teeth in, what can he possibly gain from it.
So now that I know what hell is, I'm gonna try and avoid going there when I'm dead.
Yesterday me and nat were visiting channa and ephrahim weingarden (Guttman), and as we were leaving I asked Ephrahim if he was inerested in learning with me in teh mornings. We both go to the 8:30 minyan, so I suggested going to an early minyan, and learning...his will be my first chavrusa in a few years. I did learn witah kollel guy before Jonah was born, we'd learn for about 10-15 minutes two days a week, and it was a struggle for me to go and stay awake, so this should be interesting.
My other foray into the learning world is I am thinking abut starting the daf, but 7 and half years is a long commitment, so I'm not sure what will happen with that

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Too many girls

"Before I was married, anytime I would go outI would always make sure that there were girls where i was going. Now that I'm married, I always make sure that there will be guys there"
- Some comedian
When I first heard that I didn't quite understand it, After this trip however it makes perfect sense. For most of our vacation it was me and 4 or 5 girls, they were all nice and friendly, but they talked girl stuff and it wasnt interesting to me. I did get a reprieve for about 20 minutes one night, Dani Ungar was in teh area, so I went to his friends place, and we was finally able to do manly stuff...we watched Family Guy, greatest TV show ever.
The drive home was awesome...Jonah the devil from teh ride up was replaced by Jonah the angel for the ride home...he slept basically thde entire ride back (See david, its not all bad)
we are home now for a few days, and next tuesday its off to Pittsburgh for a long weekend.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Not for the faint of heart

Well, I didn't plan on blogging till I got back from Balt, but after the day we had, I had to while it's still fresh in my mind.
The drive in sucked, there's no easy way to say it, we left the house at 9:20, and should have arrived in Baltimore around 5:30, unfortunately we weren’t close, arriving close to 7:30. Up till now Jonah has been a pleasure when we travel. His first trip to Pittsburgh, he slept the entire 5 hour drive, when we went to Israel he was an angel on the plane, and slept through Amsterdam. Today was a different story. He cried and had to eat every few minutes. We got to see every pit stop on the Ohio Turnpike, except the last one, and made up for that by stopping in Pennsylvania.
Before we hit PA I got stopped for speeding:( since it was in Ohio, and I'm from MI they didn’t trust me, and took my credit card and charged me on the spot. It took over a half hour for him o do this. He came back and explained that his credit card machine wasn’t working, and normally he'd take us to the station and make us get a bond taken out, but since we had a baby, he felt bad, so he did it manually.
Things were moving at such a slow pace that Nat and I played “My fat unhealthy old grandma went on a trip to Wisconsin" game.
Finally e is within ten minutes of the exit we need, and traffic comes to a standstill, that’s another 45 minutes in the car. Eventually we made it to where are staying.
Dinner Time (not for the faint of heart)
Jonah is an adorable baby, and usually people want to hold him, especially Nats friends who haven’t seen him ever, or in a while. I hate to put this in here, but it’s critical to the story. Ever since Aunty Aviva started Jonah on real food, and then followed he has had real person poo, or Stools as the doc calls them, usually they are easier to clean but smell lot worse. This is important to the story or I wouldn’t have let you in on this. Well by the time we got to the restaurant he stunk so bad no one wanted him, So Nat and her friend Ruthie went to the car o change him (no changing station in the restaurant) they changed him and came back. He still stank like ass, and no wanted him. Amazing how fast he recrapped his diaper. So this time I was sent out to change him. I take off his diaper and there was no poop. Then I lift up his back, and discovered that he had shit all up his back. I didn’t want to put back on his diaper so I called Nat and asked her if we had extra clothes, which we didn’t. While I was talking to her, Jonah peed on his changing pad, and nats friend’s car seat. I ran Jonah back into the restaurant, and after s mall discussion we decided to end dinner, and go back to the apartment and clean the nasty baby. So I had the dirty job of putting him in his car seat. Well he didn’t wanna lie in his seat cuz he had poo all over his back, so he struggled. It took Nat and her friend to finally put him down.
So we get to the apartment and its time to clean him up. All the girls who were so excited to see him hid and stayed away from his stink. So it was up to me and Nat, we got off his clothes, and see the damage, he has poopy all up his back, to just below his neck. since we didn’t have a bathtub we could use, it was a two person, hold him up, while one person cleans him bathe....finally he was clean, and the girls were back all over him, I guess they are only there for him during the good times. He finally fell asleep, hopefully I won’t have to post till I get back...a good Shabbat to all.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Well me and Nat are going away this weekend...I think its great that even though neither of us work full time, we can still go on a short vacation...I'm not really looking forward to teh drive, our car has no tape deck or CD, gotta wonder what Bubba was thinking when she bought it, and I'm guessing Jonah won't siut quietly for 8 hours. I am looking forward to the eating..I hear Baltimore has some really good chinese food.
On a different notwe, I was just sportscenter and they were discussin the future of hockey now that the season has been cancelled, and I realized I was sad. Untill now I havent really missed Hockey because the season hadnt started yet. If teh season started and then stopped, I would have missed it, In my mind it just hadn't started. Hockey is a great game, and its a shmae that it had toc ome to this, I hope that it will recover next season and things wil go back to normal. NHL playoffs are special, more so the NBA. i remember back in the day while at YU, the fights we used to have teh NBA guys over TV rights, and whioch games to watch. We had teh Candians, detroiters, and what other team happened to be in teh game, usually agaisnt teh LA guys and New Yorkers. We had a nice system worked out in teh end.....RIP NHL

That all for now...Ill be back Monday night

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Making Plans

Natalie and I are going to baltimore the weekend for a wedding of an old friend of mine, who i keep in touch with every now and then. One of the reasons i decided that we'd go to his wedding, is because its in baltimore, and we have lots of friends there who keep bugging us to come, so i figure lets kill two birds with one stone.
Here's where the problem is, too many people want to spend every minute that we're there with them. I want to go to one of my close friends for shabbos, But Nat doesnt really wanna go, shes afraid she wont have anything to say to his wife, and would rather hang out with her friends.
I had to let expalin to Nat and her froend why we are gonna have lunch by my friend, and they'll have to deal with not hanging out for a few hours on shabbos afternoon.
In a few weeks this whole drama will replay itself when we go to Pittsburgh for a few days, I love Mckeesport, nat prefers Squirrel Hill, so we'll probably end up in pittsburgh, but the nwhere to stay. I want to stay with my biuddy zip, nat has relatives that just moved to Pittsburgh, but for some unexplainable reasonmoved outside of teh Eruv, so we'd be stuck in teh house teh whole day, Also nat has her people that she rather stay by.....
I think one day we're gonna take a vacation to pa place where we dont know anybody, sorry israelli family. then we wont have to deal with all this annoyance. I mean even if we come to Israel, do we go to maalot or jerusalem? maybe we stay in tel aviv, meet everyone half way:)
thats all for now

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Finally some positive news about my job!!
A couple of months ago i was asked if I was interested in working for a marketing company that is planning on putting ads on school buses, I said yes, and the wait began. The comapny is based out of pittsburgh, and they had to make sure everything is legal. Finally we got the OK from the Board of Education and the School Bus Transit Authority, but we hit another delay. Someone started telling one of teh school districts that we've been dealing with that it's illegal to place the ads in the buses, which isn't true. But he's has been difficult to get in touch with.
After a while I got tired of waiting, it' s not that I don't have fun at the Pizza shop where i currently work, but I guess it's time to move on with my life. So i called Brian, who owns the new compnay, not brian who owns the Pizza shop, and suggested that I come down to Pittsburgh and get things started. He thought it was a good idea and I'm going to start raining for teh job teh first week in March.

In other progress news, Baby Jonah can sit up all by himself and play with his toys, he also figured oyut hwo to turn in a circle when lying on his stomach. There is great value to this, now that he can entertain himself, when i'm home alone with him, he can play with his toys, and I can play with my toys.

Monday, February 07, 2005

super party

Last night we hosted our first Super Bowl party, and it was awesome. We had about 20 people, two TV's and a ton of food and beer, and of course the game. The people who wanted to see the game, mostly the guys, sat on teh couches in front of teh main TV, and enjoyed a great game, while the women, and one or two guys, sat around the table, with the other TV on, talking.
The menu was dairy, we had lasagna, ziti, mac and cheese and Pizza. For dessert there were all sorts of goodies, and beer beer beer. One of teh neighbors looked in teh fridge, and saw that beer took up half the thing, and remarked that that is how a fridge shoudl look. Now the problem is I have a fridge full of beer, and no more football, but I'm sure ill figure out a way to dispose of it.
From a betting standpoint I didnt do good at all, none of my squares were even close, so that sucked.
All in all it was a great time, those people who didnt come were missed (R&V, Brian and rivka, AP's) but we had a fun time without you....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mr. Mom

Today was one of those days where you just have to appreciate your wife.
Natalie worked from 8:00 untill 4:30, and I didn't have work today. This meant that today I was with baby Jonah ALL day. I love Jonesie very much, but to spend the whole day with him, is tiring, especially after a night like last night, where he woke me up every hour!!!
I think the biggest problem with spending the day with an infant, is the conversation, it all goes one way, so i spend the day basically talking to myself.
I decided teh cure to thsi was to take him out fo the house, the minute we get in a car he usually falls asleep. So we ran some errands, and visited my Mom for a while. This took us untill a little before 1:00. Now i had to kill off 4 hours, but i was exhausted, Natalie had wanted me to do some things, but i didnt have the energy, so I went home with the hope that we could both take a nap. sadly this didn't happen. he got to take a 20 minute power nap, but i had to do some cleaning, dishes had to be done, thinsg had to be picked up...not the kind of stuff i enjoy doing, but hey thats the job of Mr. Mom