Sunday, January 20, 2008

What was in Sammy's diaper..and other news

A little black button, much like corn, it didn't get digested.

In other news, B'nai Brith basketball season started today, and I did something I've never done before. I read Thomas the Tank Engine and 5 Little Monkeys to Jonah while I was sitting on the bench...We won the game by 30+ points.

Friday night we had some company for dinner, our friends have a son Jonah's age, and a 7 year old. They were throwing balls upstairs and we told them that if they want to throw balls they should go downstairs. A half hour later or so, we heard a loud noise. I went to check it out, I heard the oldest boy say " We should call my Abba" then I heard Jonah say something like, My dad's not going to be happy about this. I get downstaiirs and discover that one of the boys threw a hard ball at the fluorescent bulb. It blew up all over the carpet. Not so easy to clean, but we think it' s all good now.

Nothing really new on the Aliyah front, we still have to fill out our Tik Aliyah, and apply for Nefesh B nefesh. And we have to hope that our house sells, or rents, otherwise we will wait and try again a different time.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our car, for now

Today was the anniversary of me asking Nat to marry me..Yay!!!

But back to nowadays, the extension on our lease was up, so we took the car back to teh dealership. Jonah cried the whole way to the dealership because he didn't want to get rid of teh car, and he doesn't like my "stupid car"
The inspector looked at it, assessed the car and decided we owed 1,200 bucks in order to return it. Here the damage. We had a tiny chip in our windshield...we got this the day we leased the car on the drive home. They said they think they can fix the windshield for a little over 200 bucks.

The day after we got our lease extended there was a snowstorm, we had a BBQ at my parents, teh next day we discovered that someone had slid into our car, and never left a note. That dent cost a little over 700 bucks.

Finally one of the tires was worn down, the guy said that we could have it replaced for about 150.

He said we could fix it on our own, we get an extra week from the lease date, and it would probably be cheaper. After the inspector left, the dealer guy, pointed out that we have an extra tire on the back of the Jeep, we could just put that on, no on would be smarter. The windshield should get done for 50 bucks or so. As for the dents, tommorow I get to call the our insurance guy and see what they can do.

All I want to do is return the damn car, why does everything have to be such a hassle...I hate having to do stuff, which is a problem all in it self, but probably for a different day.

In other fun news, I started taking Ulpan (learning to speak Hebrew) today, wonder how that will work out.

Friday, January 04, 2008

What to do about Sammy

Generally speaking Sammy is a good kid, he's learned to pull himself up, crawl, he smiles a lot, and he plays by himeself, and he naps great.

Sadly, he sucks at going to sleep at night. I don't get it, I love to sleep at night. If possible he may even be worse than Jonah, which doesn't bode well, because Jonah still isn't great at bedtime.

Once he finally does fall asleep, he's such a light sleeper that he is bound to wake up at some point. When we put him down, he'll scream for a while and Jonah will sleep wright through it,. FInally he falls asleep, Jonah coughs or makes some small noise and it wakes him up:( then he cries again for a long time, and then we're sad.