Sunday, January 20, 2008

What was in Sammy's diaper..and other news

A little black button, much like corn, it didn't get digested.

In other news, B'nai Brith basketball season started today, and I did something I've never done before. I read Thomas the Tank Engine and 5 Little Monkeys to Jonah while I was sitting on the bench...We won the game by 30+ points.

Friday night we had some company for dinner, our friends have a son Jonah's age, and a 7 year old. They were throwing balls upstairs and we told them that if they want to throw balls they should go downstairs. A half hour later or so, we heard a loud noise. I went to check it out, I heard the oldest boy say " We should call my Abba" then I heard Jonah say something like, My dad's not going to be happy about this. I get downstaiirs and discover that one of the boys threw a hard ball at the fluorescent bulb. It blew up all over the carpet. Not so easy to clean, but we think it' s all good now.

Nothing really new on the Aliyah front, we still have to fill out our Tik Aliyah, and apply for Nefesh B nefesh. And we have to hope that our house sells, or rents, otherwise we will wait and try again a different time.


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