Monday, October 17, 2005

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a big fall
All the kings horses and all teh kings men
couldn't put Humpty together again

But a kindly old Doctor with patience and glue
put Humpty together, together as new.

Raise your hands if you have heard that ending before? I was reading Jonah this ryhme from some book we have, and I was shocked that it didnt have this ending. I asked Nat about it and she never heard it end this way. I asked a few more people and they too never knew it ended this way. So I called my Mom to see if she knew what was up, and where I heard this ending from.

She told me that when she had read it in one of my dads medical journals, from when he was in med school, and so thats how she told it to us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

yom Kippur

May everyone have a fun and meaningful Yom Kippur and may the fast go by fasty, and to Nat may Jonah behave and let your davening and fast easy


Last night during dinner I noticed a lone match lying on the floor, Jonah at the time was sitting next to me, and I didn't feel like getting up to pick it up. A few minutes later I put Jonah down. I looked over on the floor to pick up the match, but it had disappeared. Apparently Jonah had found dit and gotten it. Nat was annoyed with me for not going to pick it up right away. My thought was it had probably been on the floor for a few days and he hadn't seen it, now that I saw it he found it?

Why is everyone so afraid of kids and matches? it wasn't a fancy strike anywhere match, you have to strike it on the box, and even if he found the box, and managed to strike it, it usually takes a swipe or two, and as smart as I think my boy is, I don't think he could light the match.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thank god for the remote

What would I have done without a remote these past few days.

Sunday 1-4 Mostly watched the Lions win, but during the commercials I flipped to the Astros brave game. (Wasn't a total coach potato, with Steve's help I did finish installing a garbage disposal in my sink)
4-8 Mostly watched the finish of the baseball game, it went 18 innings, I also watched the Wings beat on Calgary and the Dallas - Philly football game. Additionally I managed to play some Madden during pauses in the action.
8-12 Split time between the Yankees and Angels and Sunday night football, Bengals Jacksonville. oF course, I played some madden.

I do think it's important to note that I didn't just sit on the couch watching the game, I hung out with Jonah all day while Nat worked. So I didn't just zone out in front of the tube.

Last night I watched Monday Night Football and the Yankees losing, saw bot and pieces of teh Wings loss to teh Canucks and flipped it to Madden.

Jonah was sleeping at this point, so I was just zoned in front of the TV.
god bless the remote, I don't think I would have flipped channels so much if I had to stand at every commercial

Friday, October 07, 2005

Sox fans

Have Red Sox fans gone soft since they've won a world Series. In the pregame introduction they gave the loudest ovation for Tony Graffanino. (He let what should have been a routine double play ball go right through his legs. Because of that error, the White Sox stayed alive in the inning and hit a three run homer to win the game.)

I seem to recall a similar situation with a different Red Sox player, one Bill Buckner.(He let a ground ball go through his legs allowing the game winning run to score in the '86 series) He didn't get a big ovation the next game, he was tossed out of Boston, and people would curse just when you mention his name.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Answer- Good start

I called the plumber today and he came to look at our basement. he scared the crap out of me initially, when he said we probably have a busted pipe, and he'd have to bust up the floor and replace it. Told me the cost would range from 500 to 2000 bucks depending on where the break is. Then he eased my fears by letting me know that the insurance company would cover most of it, not the plumbing, but the breaking and replacing of the floor.

Things looked a little better

then they got much better- he noticed that my sump-pump wasn't on, so he restarted it, and all the water drained immediately. What must have happened is the pump got clogged and backed everything up. no need to destroy the basement, and what was on the floor wasn't sewage.

I guess god played a practical joke on me to start off the new year---HA HA

Crappy ending or crappy start?

Rosh Hashana is a time when our fate for the New Year is decided. But what about what happens on Rosh Hashana, is that from last years decree or from that day?

I ask because I'm curious `as to how to take my Rosh Hashana day.

We had new water in our basement, not from the side where we put dirt and planted grass. This water was coming up from the middle of the floor, where we have a drain. Our neighbors said this happened to them, and it's a sewer back-up. There was a fear of using the bathroom over the holiday at my house, because who wants it to come up in the basement?

Around 3:00 AM the first night (morning) the TV turned on really loud, and not on ESPN, but on TBS. Once I realized that I didn't roll on the remote, I realized that the day before I took a nap, and set the TV to wake me up at 3:00, what I didn't realize is that I set it for 3:00 AM not PM. The reason it was on TBS, and not ESPN, is at 3:00 PM on TBS is the Drew Carey show, which is one of my favorite shows.

I went and got Jonah out of bed, and had him turn off the TV. In case you were curious there was nothing good on, some movie was ending, I think it was Encino Man.

At about ten minutes to 8 that morning the phone started ringing. I checked the caller ID and it was from a school district that I had been speaking with. I figured it had to be a fax since that's the only way they would have that number. The fax machine wasn't turned on over Yom Tov and they wouldn't give up, they tried to fax that paper for about an hour. and then again in the afternoon. Last night i checked our answering machine, and I had 18 missed calls. 16 of them were loud beeping noises.

So did I end the year n a crappy note, or did it start on a crappy note?>

Monday, October 03, 2005

Someone agrees with me

Peter King agrees with my assesment of the lions game yesterday, they were robbed - Writers - Peter King's MMQB: 'Disputable' overturn of call cost Lions a win - Monday October 3, 2005 12:27PM

Sunday, October 02, 2005


For a few minutes it seemed like the lions pulled off a miracle victory despite playing like crap the entire game. Harrington actually threw to his receivers in the closing minutes and for the Most part they caught the ball. Sadly they had trouble staying in bounds. Twice in the final 20 seconds the lions caught what would have been the winning TD but was called out of bounds.

The first one was crap (in my opinion) Had the game been played in Detroit the Lions would have gotten the call, but its good to send the home crowd happy on a close call.

The other call that hurt the Lions was in the first half. The Tampa receiver fell down, the Lions picked it off, and the ref called a penalty when clearly there was no infraction. The announcer guy said the ref probably saw the receiver fall, and assumed there was contact, so he called the penalty. Instead of the Lions having the ball in good field position , they let T.B. walk down the field and score a TD

Can't put all teh blame on the ref's as I mentioned before the Lions sucked big time for most of teh game.Oh well such is the life of a lions fan

Give credit where credit is due

I take back almost all the bad things I said about ESPN. ESPN2 is showing a couple different games. It seems every time I switch channels back to the deuce, a different game is on.

This still doesn't excuse the scrabble tourney

Changed my mnd

First of all, I see that ESPN will televise the red sox yankees game, but it doesn't start till 2:00, that still doesn't excuse having scrabble on TV.

In a previous post I mentioned that the Lions will win this game. I would like to retract that prediction after seeing the first quarter. I wouldn't be surprised if the lions don't win another game all season. On 2nd and nineteen Joey throws a 3 yard pass to Kevin Jones in the dirt, even if he can come up with the ball it was so low he couldn't gain yardage after the catch. Then on 3rd on 19 they shocked everyone by handing off ti Shawn Bryson, brilliant play calling - why don't they just punt on 2 or third down why waste time.

I wonder if the Lions players were drafted by a different team how they would play. If I was drafted by the Lions I would be so mad, and demand to be traded, this place is a killer for prospective NFL players.

I have a similar theory for the Tigers but that may be saved for next season


What is ESPN thinking???

Today is the final day of teh baseball regular season. The playoffs aren't quite yet set, depending on what happens today. You would think teh ESPN would show the big games, if you thought that you would thin wrong. They do have a big game (Cleveland vs. Chicago) on ESPN2, and what are they hsowing on ESPN, perhps the Sox Yanks, maybe The Phillies and Nats, Chicago Houston?

No ESPN has a Scrabble tourny, riveting TV.. Is that even a sport? or entertainment?

Day 3

I am lying on my couch with a heating pad on the lower half of my face. I'm not in such pain, (that could be attributed to the Tylenol 3, but I'm pretty uncomfortable. My face is still swollen, I can't open my mouth that much, nor close it. So it's open just a bit. I'm eating mostly liquids and ice cream.

Shabbos was interesting For the first time in a looong time I passes on a Lechaim and I was excused from the table after soup, and went to lay down on the couch, where I promptly fell asleep. I also learnt what the other did when the men go to shul, wasn't so exciting just talking and lazing around. I did read a decent book called digital fortress by Dan Brown, (Da Vinci code guy) wasn't as good as some of the other books he wrote, but I stayed up will 10 to 2 this morning so I could finish it.

I missed out on playing football this morning which sucks (and there's no basketball this week, and I missed last week) I will spend this Sunday like I do most Sunday's lying on the couch watching football. Nat is going the mall with sister in law Shani ( this is the apex of her trip to America) So its just me and Jonah, and possibly some other people who may stop by to see the game.


prediction they will win 28 - 20


I have just received reports that Jonah will go to Bubbys and Zaydes and watch Uncle David and zayde put up the sukkah, and then maybe he'll come home, I don't really have all the details.