Monday, January 22, 2007

The airport

This wasn't the greatest birthday - I truly feel older on this birthday, perhaps I'm even starting to lose my mind.

I had a 5:05 flight home from Baltimore today, but my meetings ended earlier than expected so I called and transferred to a 12:30 flight. I figured I could get home early and surprise Nat.

I arrived to the airport in plenty of time, sat down to read my book, right in front of gate A5. As 12:30 approached there was no plane at the gate, I assumed there was a delay to the weather. At 12:30 I got went to the desk to see how long the delay was, and I noticed the delayed flight was to Orlando. I looked at my ticket and realized I wanted gate A3.

I ran over to A3 but there was nobody at the gate, but the plane was still at the end of the walkway. I went to the counter and asked if there was anyway I could get on the plane. She asked me if I was Zack, they had called my name a couple times. She tried to call the plane, but they had just pushed off, and there was no turning back. I wanted to know how they could leave if my was still on the plane. On the bright side, when I did land I didn't have to wait for my bag, it was already waiting for me.

I stood there and watched my plane leave without me. And I had to sit around till my original flight, the 5:05 one, took off. While I waited, I heard them call for late passengers numerous times, and I don't believe that they called my name, because I would have heard it. I may be getting old, but my hearing is still pretty good.

I did make good use of the time, I finished the book I was reading, watched 2 episodes of Entourage and the movie Basic, which despite seeing it twice, I still don't quite get it.

I recognize this as a punishment - My sister had a nearly identical story, which happened in the same airport, and the same airline. And I thought it was funny and may have told her she should have been a blonde. So I'm sorry lil sister

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shower Etiquette

When you shower do you scrub your feet, top and bottom, with soap? Or are you of teh belief that you don't need to since all the soap that you used on the rest of you body will make it's way down to your feet and clean them as well.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

found it

As we returned from washing our hands on Friday night, Nat pointed to something on the just under the recliner, based on her reaction I assumed it was a spider or rodent. Turns out, it was my missing cell phone. I know that it couldn't have been there all week, because I moved all the furniture when I was looking for it. I also stuck my hands in between the cushions, and undid teh fabric behind teh couches, and I didn't see or feel the phone. My best guess at what happened was god came down before shabbos and put it on the floor, just to mess with my mind.

Nat has a slightly different version, she said when sh went to recline, she noticed it as stuck, and she finally got it to recline, and she believes that the phone was jamming was the reclining mechanism. The only flaw with that theory is I know I have been in that chair this past week.

Either way, I'm just glad to have it back. Now if I culd just find my car keys, I'll have back all things I've lost in the past year

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You find some you lose some

I have no idea where my work cell phone is, it's not that uncommon after a long weekend, for me to scramble around the house looking for it. But today, it just seems more hopeless then usual. Perhaps my phone knew that I was going to turn it in for a newer model today, and hid itself well. Whatever the case may be, while I was looking for it, what turns up, but my wedding band. There it was, just lying on floor of my office next to my chair. I don't know how I didn't see it before. The only thing I can think of is when I lose one thing, the previous lost object will reappear. So know all I have to do is lose something else and my phone will come back to me.