Sunday, January 07, 2007

found it

As we returned from washing our hands on Friday night, Nat pointed to something on the just under the recliner, based on her reaction I assumed it was a spider or rodent. Turns out, it was my missing cell phone. I know that it couldn't have been there all week, because I moved all the furniture when I was looking for it. I also stuck my hands in between the cushions, and undid teh fabric behind teh couches, and I didn't see or feel the phone. My best guess at what happened was god came down before shabbos and put it on the floor, just to mess with my mind.

Nat has a slightly different version, she said when sh went to recline, she noticed it as stuck, and she finally got it to recline, and she believes that the phone was jamming was the reclining mechanism. The only flaw with that theory is I know I have been in that chair this past week.

Either way, I'm just glad to have it back. Now if I culd just find my car keys, I'll have back all things I've lost in the past year


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