Thursday, December 28, 2006

A mistake?

I returned home after a few days of family holiday vacationing in St Louis really late last night. My ears had gotten clogged up on the plane, and an hour or so after landing, were still stuffed and hurting. I figured I would put on he Piston game replay and fall asleep watching it. When I flipped it on the game was already at halftime, and it looked like a good game.

Here is where my plan failed miserably, the game was great, ended up going into triple overtime. I was so tired by the end of regulation, I didn't care who won. I was thinking, not only is this a regular season game, it's tape delayed. But, I didn't know the score, and I couldn't turn it off. The game finally ended a few minutes before 4 AM, and to make matters worse, they lost the game.

I probably could have just changed the channel to ESPN and saw the score on ticker and fallen asleep hours earlier, but the game was to good for me to just change turn it off.


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