Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Gifts

Why am I supposed to give the mailman and newspaper guy and garbage people Christmas presents..If anything they should give me gifts, because I keep them employed. What do they do to deserve these gifts, their jobs?? Lots of people do their jobs, but that doesn't mean I have to shower them with gifts.

The mailman earned his gift by returning my car keys that he found on the driveway.

What really annoyed me is the newspaper guy, or to be more precise, the Detroit Free Press. We get the Freep once a week, on Sunday Morning, I have no need for the paper on Sundays, because I can read it online. I only want the paper on Saturday, but that's not an option. Anyway, back to the paper boy. In our paper last week, there was a a postcard with his name and address basically telling us that we should send him a check. The card was sent by the Free Press.

Who the hell is the Freep to tell me who to give holiday gifts. If they think this poor delivery boy needs extra money, give him a damn raise, or a holiday bonus. He throws a paper on my porch once a week, I wouldn't know his name if he didn't leave a card with it in my paper.


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Marc Lerman said...

i had the same freakin problem with the Boston Globe 2 years ago - i only wanted the paper on Saturdays, but they wouldn't give it to me unless i got sunday or 7 days a week (which was cheapest)


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