Saturday, November 18, 2006

College Football

I was watching the halftime show of the USC - Cal game and they were talking about the chances of a UM - OSU, or who could pass UM at #2. One of the analysts said that if Norte Dame beats USC next week they should pass the wolverine. I don't know much about college football, but from hat I gather from their non playoff system, and the importance of every game, how can the Irish, who got pummeled in South Bend by UM, pass them in the rankings? Is it just because they are Norte Dame and believe in Touchdown Jesus?

I don't know if their should be a rematch from today's game, but the reason given by these ABC guys didn't make sense. The question they brought up was "What happens if Michigan beats OSU, should they split the national Championship" To me that question makes no sense. This isn't a series that one team has to win the best of 3. The Tigers beat the Cardinals 3 times in the regular season, so according to this logic, they should have won the World Series, or if an NFL team plays a final regular season game, and then meets that team in the playoffs, the regular season game shouldn't matter. And no matter how big today's game was, it was a final REGULAR season game.

If, again according to the ABC guys, Norte Dame can pass Michigan, despite losing to them in the regular season, why cant their be a rematch.


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