Monday, January 22, 2007

The airport

This wasn't the greatest birthday - I truly feel older on this birthday, perhaps I'm even starting to lose my mind.

I had a 5:05 flight home from Baltimore today, but my meetings ended earlier than expected so I called and transferred to a 12:30 flight. I figured I could get home early and surprise Nat.

I arrived to the airport in plenty of time, sat down to read my book, right in front of gate A5. As 12:30 approached there was no plane at the gate, I assumed there was a delay to the weather. At 12:30 I got went to the desk to see how long the delay was, and I noticed the delayed flight was to Orlando. I looked at my ticket and realized I wanted gate A3.

I ran over to A3 but there was nobody at the gate, but the plane was still at the end of the walkway. I went to the counter and asked if there was anyway I could get on the plane. She asked me if I was Zack, they had called my name a couple times. She tried to call the plane, but they had just pushed off, and there was no turning back. I wanted to know how they could leave if my was still on the plane. On the bright side, when I did land I didn't have to wait for my bag, it was already waiting for me.

I stood there and watched my plane leave without me. And I had to sit around till my original flight, the 5:05 one, took off. While I waited, I heard them call for late passengers numerous times, and I don't believe that they called my name, because I would have heard it. I may be getting old, but my hearing is still pretty good.

I did make good use of the time, I finished the book I was reading, watched 2 episodes of Entourage and the movie Basic, which despite seeing it twice, I still don't quite get it.

I recognize this as a punishment - My sister had a nearly identical story, which happened in the same airport, and the same airline. And I thought it was funny and may have told her she should have been a blonde. So I'm sorry lil sister


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