Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 1 - What a day

There are few things worse then receiving a phone call from a franti,c hysterical wife who is on the other side of the world. The feeling is very useless. Sadly, I got to experience that today. Nat called today to say she landed, but the flight was not great, Kayla wasn't as dreamy as her older brother on airplanes. But she managed, unfortunately she had to fly into a blizzard. Her connecting flight to STL was cancelled, and she was told that she wa sbeing rerouted to Dallas and from there she will fly to STL, I can't imagine how long of a day this is for her.

Before she left Israel she went to the cell phoen stores and asked them to unlock her cell phone, so she can use an American SIM card. They said it was no problem, she would recieve a text message with a code, and this will unlock the phone. In addition to that, as a backup she brought a prepaid cell phone, that a friend gave her, which still had some time left on it.

However, when she landed she discovered that the code she was sent didn't do anything, and despite being plugged in before leaving Israel the prepaid phone did not hold a charge. Luckily a stranger lent her a phone so she could call me and let me know what was going on.

Before she hung up with me, she heard that the flight to Dallas was delayed at least a half hour. I assume that she went to Dallas, or she would have found a way to call me, but I don't really know.

As far as my single dad-ness, today wasn't a bad day. Jonah woke me up in the morning, then I woke up Sammy and took them to school. Work was very lonely (I work from home) I had GI Joe on, so I would have some noise, but it was a bad movie. I picked teh kids up around 4, worked for a little longer, and then played NHL 2K6 on XBOX with Jonah and Sammy, a bribe from teh previous night. Then I made dinner, hot dogs and fries, which they sort of ate. We followed that with a game of Candlyland. I told Jonah that we would play orry afterwards, but some friends came over with Pizza, and it was really nice to talk with old people again. Jonah didn't think that was a good reason to not play Sorry, so at 7::00 instead of getting into bed, we started a game of Sorry. The plan is to finih it tomorrow.
Bedtime was normal, after I finished singing to Boys, Sammy called out "Mommy, it your turn" SOmeone should really tell him that she is gone for a while.
In sucky news, I came down with a cold this evening, I hope I don't get sick now, that would really annoy me.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger AP said...

aw, it's rough to be all by your lonesome, i'm sure. and i'm sure you miss the extra pair of hands, too; it's not easy being a single parent! good luck! it's very nice of you to be willing to go along with this trip for natalie's (and her mom's) sake. we sure are excited to see her!! :)


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