Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today was rough

Outside of the night that Nat left us this evening was probably the roughest, and I'm not sure why. I decided that when the boys came home from school we would play XBOX, I thought this would be a nice afternoon activity. On the way home from school, and before we actually started playing, I gave a great big speech about how I don't want any crying, not over which games we are playing, and not over when I decide that XBOX time is over.
Sadly, my speech/plea fell on deaf ears. Jonah was unhappy with the racing game that was chosen, mostly because Sammy got to choose. Last time we played Jonah chose Hockey, and Sammy wanted racing and we played Hockey. I told Jonah that we would play some racing and then he can choose a game, if he stops whining.
Generally, the way XBOX time works is I play a game and pretend that the kids are helping. Lately, however, when I play Madden, with Jonah, he is the running back and he is also able to play hockey. I pass him teh puck and tell him to shoot. He's scored a few TD'S and a few goals.
Racing is not really a game he can play. The first few races I was in control and both boys had an extra controller and all was fine. Then I decided that I would let Jonah control a car, and I would control a car, and this is where everything went to hell. After explaining how to use the controller and which buttons he needed, we started racing. Jonah realized that he was in control of his car, and he couldn't keep it on teh road. He had a huge melt down, I'm not positive what his issue was, but I think it was that we weren't on the same team. I explained that of course we aren't on teh same team, there are two cars on the road one is mine and one is his. But I'm not trying to win, I'm trying to help. Well, he was inconsolable for a while, then I got really mad that he was crying yanked the cords off the system, and told him to stop crying or it will be a long time before he sees the XBOX again. He cried more and told me that he couldn't stop crying.
In teh end he finally stopped, and actaully apologized to me without me asking, which may have been a first, gave me a picture that his friend colored for him and colored me one of his own.
Then I gave them dinner and after all was calm, I brought teh XBOX back out.
Bedtime was also a disaster, but that's enough bashing on my eldest.

I really needed some grown up time, so I set up a play date for myself with a friend and we played XBOX for a few hours this evening. I don't want t brag, but this guy is Canadian, and I won the NHL2K6 hockey tourney that played 2-1


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