Thursday, June 30, 2005

Links on the side

How do I get links of Blogs I like or websites I read on teh side of my blog. I tried blogrolling and its not doing anything for me..What am I doing wrong?!?!?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You might be a redneck...

A guy I know, we'll call him Dmitri, got engaged a few moths ago, at a pizza shop. This wasnt a spur of teh moment, liek a guy I know who proposed in a 7-11 (thats a diffeernt story for a different time) This was planned. They set up the Pizza place to look nicer, clearing out all the other tables, and putting candles on teh tables. It was also done after closing, around midnight.
Today I saw Dmitri, at teh pizza shop, and he asked if I would be in town for his Sheva Brochus. Then he told me where they are. PNC Park, where teh Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team plays. Initially I assumed that he rented it out, and I couldnt figure out why he would need a stadium for a sheva brochus. then he told me that they were actually tailgating a few hours before the game, doing sheva brochus, and going to watch the game.

Monday, June 27, 2005

The 'net at work

Up until today the internet at my office hasn't been the greatest. For some unexplained reason, it would momentarily shut off every few minutes. While it didn't really effect work, it effected everything else about my day at the office. The IM thingy would shut off and on so often I didn't know if I was online or not. I enjoy having a baseball game on in the background, its great background noise while at work. But it became annoying when every few minutes I would have to reload the program.
While I was in Detroit they fixed the router, now I am online the entire time. There were no early baseball games on today, but I did get to listen to Gregg and Michelle on 97.1, a great mid morning-early afternoon talkshow, and then listen to Stoney and Wojo and Detroit sports radio. It makes for a nice work atmosphere, and really increases productivity, which is what we are all about

Saturday, June 25, 2005


It's interesting how you can meet the same person twice, (without knowing it) one time you hate him, and the second time, you are indifferent to him.
I was walking home from shul, talking to someone I knew about my job, and Seth was walking with a friend of his up ahead. His friend must have overheard what I was saying, and started talking to me about my job. As we entered the apartment building where everyone lived, the guy who we will call Franklin, said that I looked familiar and asked if I had ever been to Chicago. I said I had been, and I haven family there, but I doubted that eh knew them. He asked what my name was again ( we had been introduced before this story started) I told him, he thought for a moment and asked " are you married to Nat". It was then that I remembered that I hate him.
When I had first met him I was visiting (not dating) Nat in Chicago, and he was there, they had dated on and off for a while, and I thought (and I wasn't the only one, my friend who with us had the same thought) that he was ass, and we didn't like him.

Back to shabbos, while I was realizing that he was the Franklin that I hated, he said he wanted to talk more with me after dinner,r could he come up. I said it was fine with me. Nat wasn't so thrilled to see him either, he came with his wife, he probably wasn't thrilled to go and meet frankies old GF and therefore she dint say anything . Oh and by the way they are really close friends with Seth and his wife.
So he came up, chatted with us for a while, not at all about work, things go uncomfortable, so I told great Seth stories from the past. And then they left.
apparently the next day while Nat was coming to shul, he was leaving, she said hi and he totally snubbed her. I'm guessing his wife wasn't happy thathe came and said hi to her, but that's just my guess

Thursday, June 23, 2005


The Palace was the best and worst place to watch Game 7 of the NBA finals. For these who don't know the Palace is the Pistons home court, oh and the game was played in San Antonio. As far as ambiance, it couldn't be beat. I've never heard the place sound so loud, even when there are players there. We arrived about an hour before tipoff, and it was non-stop screaming.
(Interesting note, there were more fans watching at the Palace,
then fans at the actual game in San Antonio.) it also brought out the skanky girls, a girl sitting a few rows in front of us was wearing rag that seemed have trouble staying on and containing her (it managed to both stay on and contain her, but it was close at times) and a guy sitting a row in front of us, got lap dances from at least two girls. (in hindsight smart choice by my bro and sis in law to keep their boy away from the game)
As far as watching the game, not the best place. The game is shown on the big screen in the middle of the arena. And its not so easy to watch a televised game. I didn't know which player had the ball, but everything they scored, the place just erupted. If I had to do the night over again, I go to the Palace 10 times out of ten
Of course the ending wasn't what we hoped for, but that isn't something we can control. Our job is to go out and have un, and we did that....What a season for the Pistons, and hey, there's always next year.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Work- how it should be done

I am sitting on my bed, wearing only shorts, working. this is how work should be done, as comfortable as possible.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

So close

So close, I said the Pistons would by 10, but they only managed a 9 point win. I was hoping the Spurs would foul Chauncey on the final play of the game, just so I would be right.
Unlike game 5, Nat and I didn’t have anyone over to watch game 6. We just sat on the edge of our seats, hoping that the Pistons could hold onto the lead, and force one more game. I thought about keeping a running blog throughout the game, but I didn’t think I could sit through the game with a laptop on my knees all night. (I’m watching the post game interviews, and Rip said “we win together and we lose together” what a great motto, many people could learn from that)
Can everyone stop saying that Tim Duncan is the greatest Power Forward ever, he isn’t clutch he missed more 4th quarter free throws, and some lay-ups that I could have made.
Basically the season boils down to a one game playoff winner takes all and hopefully Nat and I, and possibly Daniel, will be cheering at the Palace.

Worst Movie

Whats the worst movie you ever saw?
for me it would have to be 4 rooms

Game 6

After watching the Pistons blow game 5 in OT, I am starngey confident that the Pistons will win tonight and force a game 7. I dont know why I feel this way, Rasheed and Rip will show up and have great games, and the Pistons will silence the crowd in San Antonio. my prediction Pistons by 10. This is when the Pistons are at their best, in a game where the other team can closethem out. They beat Miami, after being down 3-2 in the orevious series, so I don't see why they can't do it now. I don't expect Whorry to have another game like game 5, much like I dont expect Lindsey Hunter to ever shoot like he did in Game 4. I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Duncan continues to struggles, he doesnt enjoy the physical game of teh Pistons, and he's gimpy. I'm picking the Pistons to cruise to victory tonight.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Prologue : Jocey came over last week, with Wille, to visit Nat while I was out. Willie went to the backyard, and found a rabbit hole, stuck his head there, and a squeak was heard. Jocey, who is a vet, looked in the hole, saw little rabbits, but they were unharmed. (willie is a dog).

On Friday I was spraying weed killer on my lawn, to kill weeds, when I noticed the torso of a baby rabbit. About a foot away I saw, what I presumed was, his or her head. I went inside called the Thompsons and informed Jocey that her dog killed Mr. Winkles ( the Rabbits name) She denied it, saying that she checked it out, and the rabbit wasn't dead, also we would have seen it on Shavuos, since we used the grill, and the rabbits carcass was lying next to it. I asked if she could stop on by and dispose of it in a proper fashion, and she said she would stop by when she had a chance.

A few minutes later Natalie was looking out the back window and noticed what she assumed to be the Mother Rabbit standing by the dead rabbit. Nat got all emotional, an dsiad what if she's waiting for another baby to come out of the hole, but the dead one is covering it up? I said, what if she killed it, and is now just looking? While we were talking a baby rabbit rabbit came out ran to the "mother" and went to town on her teets right on our driveway. Nat immediately called up Jocey, and asked her to come by and do something. Which she did.

When she came by the rabbit was still suckling on it' smother, and mourning the loss of theother rabbit. Around this time, I mentioned that this is what happens when you play in Mr McGregor's lawn. Jo ey picked up the dead rabbit torso with a garbage bag. What I thought wasthe head turned out to be a rabbits leg, known for its good luck. But nobody wanted it. Meanwhile the mother rabbit was watching what we were doing, and munching on some grass. The same grass that I had just sprayed with weed killer, also known as Rabbit poison!!! For the next few hours, the mother Rabbit sat in one spot on our lawn, and stared, sometimes it would stand up, like bugs bunny. Natalie was/is convinced that I killed the whole family. Although we haven't seen the dead mother rabbit yet.

The question is who killed Roger Rabbit (the rabbits new name) Nat and Jocey are convinced it was a cat ( and yet still Nat wants a cat) I think it was a different rabbit, one who may have not liked our little rabbit, and he ripped off her head.

Thursday, June 16, 2005



Messed Up

A while back I mentioned that I got a speeding tocket somewhere in Ohio, and that absurdity that they charge it to your credit card on the spot. Well today I recieved in the mail at my parents house, not mine, a letter sayin that I missed my court date, and I have another scheduled, or I can pay them 130 bucks. This was pretty confusing, since I already payed the ticket. So I called teh courthouse and was informed that my credit card didnt go through, and therefore I had to appear in court. I tiold teh lady that I had a receipt, and she laughed and said, teh police dont have a machine on them, they radio your numbers in to the station. This is a direct contradiction from what I was told by a cop during a different ticket, who apologized for it taking over a half hour, but his credit card machine was broken, and he hadto do it manually. But I digress.
The lady on the phoen asked me if i wanted to speak to bookkeeping and straighten this out, sincethe ticket price is now higher then it was when i first "paid" it. I said yes, and she transferred meto bookkepping, sort of. I was on hold for over five minutes before the line went dead.
The whole story is messed up. First they want to charge me extra for missing ac ourt date, even though they never informed of it, and they sent a letter to the wrong address, and finally hung up on me when I went to pay it.
Now here is my question: The reason they take a credit card and charge you , is because Michigan and Ohio don't have reciprcal laws. So as long as I dont ever get stopped in Ohio again, I shoudlnt have to pay, and they cant do anythig. If they can do something, well then they continue to lie. That being said the odds of me not gettinga ticet in Ohio is slim, so I'll call them back tommrow and pay the stupid thing.

"Bassur Fest"

Back in the day, Freddie, a roomie of mine in YU would have a "Bassur Fest" or meat eating party when we ere in Detroit. He would invite abunch of guys and BBQ. Always a good time. Lunch today reminded me of Bassur Fest. I went home and had burgers, with corn beef (from Romanian in Chicago) and Baked what a lunch..I dont think I'll be bale to move the rest of the day...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What the Hell

I must have done something to piss of the Lord..Since we got home on Friday one of our tires just shredded, no idea why. Sunday afternoon, I decideto make cookies for the Holiday, and the oven is broken. THANKFULLY we weren't cooking any meals, just having an awesoem BBQ , but thats a different story. and knowthe ultimate horror: the cable isnt working. When I woke up it was fine, but whne I got hom efrom work, nothing was working. I can't call comcast, cause I dont pay for the cable, and my internet is on vacation mode. WHY WHY WHY??? What changed between 9 and 5 that I can no longer enjoy TV???????????

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Last night Nat and I went to see a movie. We had planned on seeing Will Ferrels Kicking and Screaming, but we goit got caught up in Pittsbiurgh, and missed it. So we were gonna see crash, which came highly recommended, but it didnt start for an hour, and Nat wasn't sure she wanted such an intense movie. We settled on Madagascar, an animated film about zoo animals who escaped. it was an OK movie, it had its moments, but I dont think it a theater movie, unless you have kids, very approiate, and funny. NOBODY ELSE IN TOWN AGREED WITH US. we were the only people in the theater. There could be a reasonable explanatiuon for this. it was 8:45 or something, whixch is to late to take your kids to see a movie, and no one else thought iot worth seeing without kids but us. Havinga theater to yoursekf is nice, especially foir me, because I like to talk in the theaters, and those who have been to teh movies with me can vouch, I'm not to quiet about it. In an empty theater, I only bother Nat, and she is used to me by now, and can block my voice from her ears.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Opening Day..Many years ago

I just heard a story on the radio about a mom who took her daughter out of school for a hair appointment. The school decided that it was unexcused absence and gave her detention. The mom thought it wasn't fair, and so she took the detention for her daughter.
Why am I telling you this? It reminded me of a story that happened when I was in 7th or 8th grade I asked my parents fro tickets to opening day at Tiger stadium. The said if I could get there I could go. They went on a cruise and I forgot about the promise. I went to school like any other day and brought my little radio and ear plugs and planned on sneaking it throughout the day.
My oldest brother, airtime, came to school to pick me up, telling the office, and me, that I had a Dr Appointment. I didn't remember having an appointment, but eh said that it was on the calendar. As we were driving I mentioned that he was going teh wrong way. He informed me that the doctor’s office moved to the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. Better known as Tiger stadium. He dropped me off with my aunt, and she took my cousin and me.
When the school found out what he did, he was called into the office and scolded for his irresponsible behavior....ahh just a nice trip down memory lane.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I have been a Detroit Tier fan my whole life (I'm actaully watching them on teh 'net as I write) but for some reason, I am facinated with the Yankees this season..When I check teh scoreboard, sometime I look for the Yanks before I check the Tigers..their collapse, to me is whats great about baseball, they have all these superstars and they are losing to the worst teams in baseball (it's great the Tigers have finally reach mediocre instead of painful(although teh Yanks did sweep the Tigs)) I do hope their losing ways continue and the Boss keep son ragging on them, until finally Derek Jeter has enough of his crap and demands a other good news, Boston teh most annoying winners in history, if the Pistons thought they got no respect, the Sox must have taken all of it, and become way to overcelebrated.

Monday, June 06, 2005


-I just read an article on about a Chicago Cubs fan who is walking from Arizona to Chicago to see a baseball game, and by doing so is raising money for Juvenile Diabetes (sounds a lot like drive-a-thon the first thing I thought when I saw his pic, how can that guy still be fat?? I guess walking doesn’t help shed those pounds as much I thought.
- there is no one else at the office today, and its kind of boring, I'm a little worried that When I finally move back home and start working, it may not be as much fun
- Tonight is game 7 of the playoffs; Nat and I will be watching at the office and having to deal with Jonah crawling around. It should be a good game. I hope that Wade, Miami's best player, does play through his injury, and we beat them, I hate excuses..
- it's days like today and yesterday that I miss the pool at my parents house, not only is it hot its humid as hell. Just not worth going out of the house
- Before yesterday I hadn’t played XBOX in a few weeks, it came to a point where I even forgot that it was there. After shul in the morning, I usually hang out with Jonah until 9:00, but on Friday he slept in. I was trying to figure out what to do to kill the hour. I didn't want to go online, because then what would I do when I'm bored at work. at about 8:45 I realized that I could have played XBOX. Instead I watched old Family Guy episodes
- To make up for lost time, yesterday I played four and a half games of NBA Live winning four of them, the final game shut itself off due to a scratch on the game.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Disturbing game

Heres a disturbing game that menachem (sorry don't know how to link) will love the object is to kill as many kids as you can by running them over with a bus. the graphics aren't as good as teh zombie shooting game.


As you might know, Nat and I haven't had any luck in renting movies, they consistently sucked. However last night we went out to the movies for the first time since Jonah was born (he’s 1 yr 9 mos.) that’s a long time; I used to go to the movies at least twice a week back in the day. We went to see The Longest Yard which is an awesome movie; I recommend it to anyone who likes funny movies or football. We enjoyed it so much we are going to rent the original and see which is better. In addition to seeing the movie, we also got free movie tix to that theater because the place smelled bad. We noticed the foul smell when we entered the tunnel to go our seats, but that was all, it didn’t bother us, and we didn’t give it much thought. But as we left they were giving everyone free tix.
So we get to see another movie soon.


I keep all my files from work on my computer. It's simple and more importantly I read what I type as opposed to what i write. Yesterday Brian informed me that I shoudl transfer all my files onto paper, just in case the computer crashes and I lose everything, SO now I have to wrte don everything that I've done since I've been here, and put it in a folder. That sucks just a little bit, but I guess i gotta do what I gotta do

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Question for the Day

What is the nicest thing you have done for somebody?

PS - In case you are confused, this post is by Nat of the ShuandNat team.