Sunday, June 19, 2005


Prologue : Jocey came over last week, with Wille, to visit Nat while I was out. Willie went to the backyard, and found a rabbit hole, stuck his head there, and a squeak was heard. Jocey, who is a vet, looked in the hole, saw little rabbits, but they were unharmed. (willie is a dog).

On Friday I was spraying weed killer on my lawn, to kill weeds, when I noticed the torso of a baby rabbit. About a foot away I saw, what I presumed was, his or her head. I went inside called the Thompsons and informed Jocey that her dog killed Mr. Winkles ( the Rabbits name) She denied it, saying that she checked it out, and the rabbit wasn't dead, also we would have seen it on Shavuos, since we used the grill, and the rabbits carcass was lying next to it. I asked if she could stop on by and dispose of it in a proper fashion, and she said she would stop by when she had a chance.

A few minutes later Natalie was looking out the back window and noticed what she assumed to be the Mother Rabbit standing by the dead rabbit. Nat got all emotional, an dsiad what if she's waiting for another baby to come out of the hole, but the dead one is covering it up? I said, what if she killed it, and is now just looking? While we were talking a baby rabbit rabbit came out ran to the "mother" and went to town on her teets right on our driveway. Nat immediately called up Jocey, and asked her to come by and do something. Which she did.

When she came by the rabbit was still suckling on it' smother, and mourning the loss of theother rabbit. Around this time, I mentioned that this is what happens when you play in Mr McGregor's lawn. Jo ey picked up the dead rabbit torso with a garbage bag. What I thought wasthe head turned out to be a rabbits leg, known for its good luck. But nobody wanted it. Meanwhile the mother rabbit was watching what we were doing, and munching on some grass. The same grass that I had just sprayed with weed killer, also known as Rabbit poison!!! For the next few hours, the mother Rabbit sat in one spot on our lawn, and stared, sometimes it would stand up, like bugs bunny. Natalie was/is convinced that I killed the whole family. Although we haven't seen the dead mother rabbit yet.

The question is who killed Roger Rabbit (the rabbits new name) Nat and Jocey are convinced it was a cat ( and yet still Nat wants a cat) I think it was a different rabbit, one who may have not liked our little rabbit, and he ripped off her head.


At 8:14 AM, Blogger menachem said...

i killed your rabbit

At 2:54 PM, Blogger 2R said...

menachem, that is what I spared your life for on our trip to Balt?
Shu - You think it runs in the family, this rabbit killing instinct?

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Just Shu said...

That thought did run through my mind. As dad likes to say, we only learn what we see at home


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