Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I have been a Detroit Tier fan my whole life (I'm actaully watching them on teh 'net as I write) but for some reason, I am facinated with the Yankees this season..When I check teh scoreboard, sometime I look for the Yanks before I check the Tigers..their collapse, to me is whats great about baseball, they have all these superstars and they are losing to the worst teams in baseball (it's great the Tigers have finally reach mediocre instead of painful(although teh Yanks did sweep the Tigs)) I do hope their losing ways continue and the Boss keep son ragging on them, until finally Derek Jeter has enough of his crap and demands a trade...in other good news, Boston teh most annoying winners in history, if the Pistons thought they got no respect, the Sox must have taken all of it, and become way to overcelebrated.


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