Friday, August 10, 2007

It's all over

....I think.

We went outside to check out the hive and there wasn't much going on, Just a the charred bodies of our enemies, and a bunch of flies looking for a some Cajun bee snacks.

All that's left now is getting rid of the hive. Our friend is supposed to come by and help toss it out, tho I don't where it will get tossed. I assume before we get close to it again, we will toss something at the hive, to make sure that we aren't walking into a trap. If whatever we toss hits the hive and nothing happens then we will remove the hive. Put back the step, add some sealant around the bottom to prevent future attacks and go into Shabbos relaxed and able to once again play on the porch.


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

So... is it really over?

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Eliezer said...

OK, now that you had your fun, check out how this guy did it. Redneck, indeed.

At 5:23 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Dude, are you ever blogging again?


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