Thursday, April 28, 2005


As I drove home from the car lot, I couldnt help but winder what the theives wanted out of our car. it isnt the smoothest car, so I wouldt classify it as a "joy ride" they left everything of value, the car seat, the stroller and my printer. They didnt even take the picture of Nat Jonah and me. All the papers from the glove compartment were strewn about the front section. but we didnt notie anything was missing.This left me with two conclusions, One: the thieves were sitting next to us at the ballgame, and didnt like that we werecheering for the opposing Cardinals, and so to punish us they took our car home. Or Two: they didnt have enough money for a taxi ride home, so they broke into our car got home, and left it for the cops to find. If this was a TV show, the cops would have taken the car in for fingerprints, and we would have gotten our sweet justice, but in real life no such thing happens.


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