Monday, February 19, 2007

Computer Issue

Somehow my computer contracted a virus, from what I can tell the main issues were that I couldn't log onto to anything, any email address, Blogger, or Facebook. It also disabled my Norton, and I couldn't turn it back on. When I would run their virus scan , Spy bot or the link, and did Ad Aware, they all came back clean. When I did run Norton Antivirus it cam up with some error messages, so I followed their instruction, and did somethings, when I restarted everything was fine, Norton was back to normal, it was on, it said the one virus that was unprotected was now protected, so I restarted the computer in normal mode, and everything was back to crappy.

Finally I decided that I had to contact Norton, I went to their website to discover that in order to call technical support t costs 29.95 per call. But they did have free online chat. After waiting about a half hour it was my turn to chat with Nawaz - even chatting I could tell that we had a language problem. He told me that I may have a virus!!! I told him that. Later in this useless chat - he told me that I may have to unistall Norton and reinstall it. I asked him, what that would do, and he told me it would take it would remove the program, and then put it back. I said, I understand teh concept, but how will that fix anything.

He was pretty useless, but said that his records showed that my subscription ended in January, which is incorrect, it ends in May. So he said that I should call customer service. They didn't know what he was talking about, but said that if I needed to uninstall the program, I would need to buy the 07 version to reinstall this.

I told him that I still had a few months and didnt want to purchase the new version, since the old one failed me miserably, and they should let me download the program, that plea felt on deaf ears.

So I went to their website, and saw that you can download a trial version. I decided that this was all I needed right now. SO I downloaded the Trial version, run the scan, and I think that fixed the problem. But my computer is running slower than normal, although I can log in to my email which is a step up. Now when I open Internet Explorer it takes a while for it to load, but once it does all is good.

I think I need to send the computer for a checkup to fix all it's issues.

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