Thursday, September 15, 2005

NBA live '05

Now that I have the new madden the game that will suffer the most will probably be NBA Live '05. I'm not really good at rotating games, once I get a new one, I usually play it 90 % of the time and the other 10% I play all my other games, just so I remember how to play. Although the NBA game will probably be broken out when people are over and wanna play XBOX, cuz it easier then teaching Madden to new people.

Here's how my NBA Live career went.

I started my franchise as the Pistons, but I did a fantasy draft, so I didn't use the current Piston Roster, the entire league dd a whole new draft. I had a pretty solid really young team (Darko is a superstar in this game) my first two seasons ended in disappointing playoffs loses, both in the second round. By the third year I did some tweaking acquired two outside shooters, and finally won the whole thing.

I always think they should have some celebration when you win the championship, but I end up disappointed after a win it all in any video game. I don't know what they could do, but I feel it should be more.

Anyways,. After I won it all, I decided to simulate the entire season. I would still handle the draft, trades who starting, basically everything but the actual games. I guess I wanted to see if it was my skills, or the team I put together.

In my final season as a player I went 42-14 had the number 1 seed in the league went 12-1 in the playoff and as I mentioned before won it all.

Year 1
The team struggled out of the gate, perhaps they had a championship hangover, I don't know. We hung around the .500 mark for a while before going on a tear to close out the season and secured a 3 seed in the playoffs. We seemed to hit our stride at the perfect time went 12-3 and won back to back championships.
Interesting tidbit, at least to me, I usually had at least 3 players on the all star and All-NBA team, but this squad had no one on either.

I was offered a job to run the N.O Hornets, but I turned them down, and decided to ride it out with the Pistons.

Year 2
I had to make an unpopular decision at the start of this season, Dirk Nowitzki, who was my overall number 1 pick, 2 time league MVP, and had just won his first Finals MVP, had to go. It was a difficult trade for me to make, but his contract was up at the end of this season, and I couldn't afford to resign him. So I had to trade him while his value was high. (also he was getting old, and how productivity would he have left?) So I traded for Center names K. Byers (He is a creation of the computer) and I hoped that he would keep my franchise on the up swing. This would also allow Darko to play Power Forward as opposed to center and Let me utilize my Rookie center that I had just drafted

Picking up where we left off, the team went to a league best 39-17 record. The starting 5 was pretty much the same as when I left, and they produced as they should. The playoffs were a different story we got swept by arch-rival Indiana in the first round. 3 seasons earlier Indy had upset me on their way to a championship, and then in the off season took Tracy McGrady away from me, when he tested the Free agency market.
Again no All NBA players.

The N.J. Nets offered me a job and more money the the Hornets and I shot them down to.

Year 3
The players, not to mention myself, were pissed off at their poor showing in the playoffs last year and tore up the league during the regular season, once again going 39-17 and finishing with the best record in the league. This year they didn't choke in the playoffs. They went 12-3 en route to their 3rd championship in 4 years.
Finally I had a starter in the All Start game (Byers) and a second team All NBA player (also Byers)
Year 4
I forget what the regular season record was, but we made the playoffs, and breezed through the first two rounds. The Conference Finals were a nail biter, the series was tied at 2 (I played best of 5) and at the end of game 4 Byers broke his ankle and was out for the remainder of the playoffs. the Players insisted that they could win without him, but it wasn't meant to be. They lost the next game. and thus ended year 4

So far I haven't simulated a 5th year, But I think that I will, it takes just a few minute to simulate a season, and the off-season is a lot of fun. If InSight Media doesn't work out for me, maybe I'll be an NBA GM. :)


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