Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ann Arbor Ad Club

I went to a networking get together for the Ann Arbor Ad club. It was interesting, met some people, hopefully they'll have clients who could use my services and we can work together.

The thing that stood out was the venue, its called the Thinkubator . It is intended to make you think outside the box. I thought it was a place with an identity crisis. There were chairs that looked like cell phones, like big hands, and some that look like the belong in a coffee house. There are cut outs of movie stars and one of Michael Jordan.

There is an oxygen bar, which I guess is basically breathing, but they add flavor. I didn't try it (does flavored oxygen need to be kosher?) In the back there was a karaoke room, a message chair room. In this room the lights are dimmed, and there a few chairs you can sit in and they have massage thingies on them. There is also some trippy candles that blow out steam or something. Then there is the XBOX room, for real, just a small room with a flat panel TV and an XBOX. (With games of course, but alas no Madden)

Then there is the main conference room. When I got there, music was blasting from that room, and there was a mist machine that was pouring mist into the whole building. This is where the speakers were at.

Apparently the place is designed to make you think outside the box, so they designed it to be the opposite of a workplace. They did some exercises that made you do that. It was a pretty cool place to have this meeting, I had a good, hopefully productive evening.


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