Wednesday, August 31, 2005


With gas prices rising to $3.18 this morning, and reports saying 'There's no question gas will hit $4 a gallon,' Ben Brockwell, director of pricing at the Oil Price Information Service" Nat and I are thinking of getting a Hybrid. (if the price is right of course)

Got the weirdest thing in the mail today. The Detroit news and the Detroit Free Press from last year tommorow. This coinceides with Jonah's first birthday. How would the newspapers know this? There was no letter in it or any sort of explanation. really weird.

People seemed surprised that I returned Madden '06 so quickly, m dad even claims he lost a bet on it. Had I opened it, it would have been tough. But when I bought it, they saod teh return policy was unopened and within 30 days. So mentally I never really had it, since I knew it couldn't be used.

My grass hasn't sprouted yet, I wonder if it's broken.


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