Friday, August 26, 2005

Pat the Bunny

By reading the title of this blog you might come to the conclusion that I was writing about a pet bunny named Pat, or perhaps I know about a bunny named Pat. You wouldn’t think that Pat the Bunny just happens to be a phrase in my blog, so I chose it as my title.

I was reading Jonah a book called Pat the bunny. When I first picked it up I assumed that it was about Pat the Bunny, but it really the story of Paul and Judy and what they do. One of the many things they do is pat the bunny (no, they don’t do Pat the Bunny, this bunny has no name, its like they pet the bunny, which wouldn't be as misleading a title.)

Was the author unable to come up with a better name, so she chose pat the bunny? It could have just an easily been called “stick your finger through mommies ring" or "look in the mirror" or “play peek-a-boo" all phrases that were mentioned in this book. The only reasonable titles for this book would be "Judy and Paul" or perhaps "Copy Judy and Paul."

I'm not sure what my point is or even if I have a point. Maybe it's this: Writing a kids book isn't all the difficult. The least you could do is come up with an decent title.


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