Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Tonight we had a house of babies, three kids all under a year. Of course there was Jonah, the crazy kid of the group ( of course I mean crazy in a good way) Then there Noa P, she was the the most chilled out/shell shocked kid. Then there was the baby of the group, lil Jenna she was pretty much an observer.

It's tough watching all these kids. There was a point when Nat and Noa's mom went to the computer and I was watching all three. It was then I decided that we are in no rush to give Jonah siblings. Joe is a very jealous kid, if I so much looked at another one of the babies he would run over and beat up the kid, and try and have me lift him. I think my boy is a bully, I don't know if it's genetic, but people tell me that I was a bully when I was younger. So he may not look like me but he acts like I do.

There was a time when Noa's mom and Nat were in the room and Jonah and Jenna were crying. I thought this would a be a good time to play man to man defense to stop the kids, and I immediately called I was in charge of Noa, I thought it was fair, Nat had Jenna (we were watching her while her mom was in class) and Adina had Jonah. As soon as I call her, Noa's mom gave me a crying Jonah, and took her happy child. Not fair.

Then all three kids started crying at the same time, they are little but when they worked together as a team, they made one heck of a racket. It was so loud that the neighbors had to come by and ask us to keep it down, because they were trying to get their kids to sleep. (jk)

Growing up I always wanted twin, (first I wished I was a twin, when that didn't happen, I hoped I would have some)and now I thank god that I only have the one Jonah


At 5:56 AM, Blogger jmpjules99 said...

haa haa haa haa haaaa

that's funny!!

thank you guys so much for watching her!! We appreciate it very much!


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