Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday fun

Today was another jam packed day.

The drive to our first stop was through the mountains of the Galil, my niece threw up, and my wife felt really nauseous, it was a pretty horrible drive, but we all survived.

Our bike riding plans fell apart because it was to hot outside, but we still went to the Israeli version of the Grand Canyon, instead of bikes we took a train. Most of us got out at the second of three stops and walked 1 KM to the next stop where the bus picked us up. We were the only ones of my siblings who brought out stroller onto the train, so we were in high demand. Jonah started out in the stroller, but was bribed into walking. After a few minutes of running with his cousin's for a few minutes he decided he wanted his stroller. Unfortunately for him, his cousin had fallen asleep, and we weren't going to wake him. So I ended up carrying him the last 3rd of the walk. Which he didn't seem to enjoy.

After the Canyon, which my dad said was a created by a large iceberg sweeping through the area millions of years ago , we headed for Tzfat.

Tzfat was nice, I've been there several times, but this was the first time we entered in the modern Tzfat and headed up to the old city. I knew there was a city there, just never saw it, so that was kinda cool. Everything else was pretty much the same, cool synagogues and the artist quarter. We ended our day by eating dinner, I finally had Shwarma in a laffa, and it was well worth the wait,


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