Saturday, November 03, 2007


Sahbbat was fun, and tiring. Friday night the kids all came to Shul and played in the playground. After Shul we all went to dinner.

I was still exhausted, so I went to sleep when we got home, around 9:30. Nat woke me at around 12:30 to tell me that both kids were awake, so I got Jonah back to sleep and tried to sleep, but Sammy wouldn't go to sleep. Finally I told Nat to sleep, and I would play with a wide awake Sammy.

I don't know how Sammy will get on a schedule, because he can nap whenever he wants, so he's still on Michigan time.

We played downstairs for a bit, and then he seemed tired, so we went back upstairs but he didn't care much for that. Finally around 1:30 I decided we were taking a walk, so off we went and it worked, he fell asleep.

Shabbat day was really nice, Jonah has adjusted to his cousins, so he was out playing with them all day long. I don't think he stopped running all day long. His cousins are pretty cool also, he's is the youngest of the 11 that can play, and they treat him as one of the gang.

My brother who lives in Maalot has been selling us on living here, he told us we should tell our friends to move her, Doc and O's fan he mentioned you guys specifically. But I'd say us living here is a long shot, but still a possibility

Saturday night we had a long walk planned, from Rosh Hanikra to Nahariya, but that didn't happen, we went straight to Nahriya, hung out on the boardwalk and had pizza. Lots of hanging around time.

Tomorrow we're off to a bike ride in the Israel version of the Grand Canyon and then Tzfat.


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