Sunday, January 22, 2006


Happy birthday to me. I've had agreat birthday so far, played ball in the morning, had a lunch with my family at my parents house, now I'm wathcing basketball/football, and I will cap of teh day by going to the Pistons game.

I'm now a quater of a century old, many of my friends are older then me, which makes me feel young. That being said, I'm still 25 years old.

I wonder what an 18 year old me would say if he met the 25 year old me. First of all he would be surprised that I married Natalie Martinez, who was a good friend of Young Shauli. Also I believe that he would be surprised I'm not a sports radio personality. (I went to broadcasting school back in the day)

Overall though, I believe that he would be happy with how I turned out. I'm very happily married, with the one child. I'm the V.P. of midwest operations for a company that I believe will one day soon be a major Media Sales company. I made a promise to myself when I was around 18 that I would play basketball untill I can't play anymore. A promise that he's glad I've kept.

Sure, 18 year old me is pretty dissapointed that I've ruined the Adonis like body he sculpted for me, due to my crazy love of food. But he's thrilled that I've kept up my obsession with Madden video games.

If I got to hang out with myself 7 years younger, I think we would have a good time, and he'd be happy with how I took on the next level of my life, finishing what he started.


At 8:11 AM, Blogger menachem said...

if i had to hang out with a seven-year-younger-me, i'd probably kill him.

of course, that'd mean that i wouldnt live to this age to kill him.

on the other hand, if i never killed him, it means i DID live, which would mean that i could kill him.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger da shevster said...

if i had 2 hang out w/ a 7-yr-yunger-me i cudnt talk then. i dont think. wait wuts 15-7? its like little rite? i think its little. i hate kids so id hate myslef. GOD htats depressing!!! wonder wut ill be like in 10 years...ill be ur age shu! ill prob look a lil differant...well, i can hope anyways...
lol love ya!!


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