Sunday, January 15, 2006

No one's perfect

Darko Milicic finally got some minutes before the game was decided, in the second quarter. Before you continue know this about me, I'm a Darko guy. I think he should get some minutes because at some point we have to see what he can do. The Piston's are running away with the top record and a few decent minutes a game for the boy won't hurt the team.

Anyway I was telling coach Flip through the TV to put Darko in the game, and lo-and behold he listened. Darko came in, and to put it simply sucked. on three out of four defensive plays, his guy had an easy basket and he didn't really contribute on offense.

Someone who has been perfect up till know also had a tough night as Tom Brady finally lost a playoff game. He threw a huge interception, with his team down a few points, at the goal line, he threw a bad pick to and his team never recovered.

I guess he had to lose eventually, I mentioned to a friend, we'll call him Steve, earlier in the day, that should the Pats win the Super Bowl Brady may as well retire because what else would he have to prove? I guess snow that discussion is moot.


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