Sunday, January 01, 2006


After a great Hanukahpalooza/New Years party at the Zwickers, I had to get up by 5:30 to drive to Pittsburgh and make it on time for the Lions Steelers game in Pittsburgh. I know what you might be thinking, why would I go to Pittsburgh to watch the miserable Lions play?

About an hour and a half into my drive I realized that I had no cash, and no way of getting any. This was a problem because I had some toll booths to go through. I stopped at a gas station, and as I walked back to my car, a guy asked me if I was on my way to the football game, and if I was from Michigan. (I know that sounds random, but I was wearing a Lions Shirt and cap, so it wasn't so odd.)

I told him that I was , and he said that he too was on his way to the game. I figured this was my best shot at some cash. So i looked at the guy and said" This may sound crazy, but I have no cash, and need to pay the tolls, any way I could borrow 10 bucks, and I'll get it back to you at the game? " He thought for a minute and told me that he didnt think of that either, and he too had cash.

So I got to the Toll Booth with no cash. I asked the toll booth guy if he took credit cards, he didn't ( I knew that one before before I asked, but somehow it made feel like less of a loser at least I had some form of money) I told him I didnt have anything, no money or check, So he gave me an IOU ticket, which bought me 5 days to pay the $6.70.

A mile later I came to another Toll Booth for 1.50, and I informed the guy that I was penniless, and he decided that it was easier for him to just pay the toll, and trust that I'll return his money then fill out the ticket. So he gave me an envelope with his name and ID number.

I'll write about the Lions game tomorrow, I'm to tired, and I hate long posts


At 5:03 AM, Blogger Rolling hills of green said...

the check is in the mail!!

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Zwicker said...

Glad you enjoyed the party.


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