Monday, December 26, 2005


Since Saturday night I have been living the single life, crazy parties, lots of drinking, going to sleep at late hours, and waking up around noon..Oh wait, that's not quite how it is.

Since my lovely wife and darling boy took off Saturday night to go to her families Holiday Party I haven't relived my single days. Yesterday was spent almost entirely in front of a TV, with the exception of a brunch with some friends. I came home from brunch turned on the XBOX and played Madden until the Pistons game started.

A friend was supposed to come over and watch the game but he never showed up and is now a jerk. So I watched the game all by myself:( The second game of the double header (Which I will probably give my thoughts about later today) I had company, the AP's came over, (these were the brunch friends) and hung out with me, and kept me from possibly going crazy. We had a good time, their daughter (2 weeks younger then Jonah) was finally able to play with all his toys without fear of getting beat up and having the toys taken away by the evil dictator Jonah.

My evening plans were initially to either go to a movie or a bar with a friend of mine who is in from NY, but the bars were closed and the movies didnt look good. So I went to his house and watched Sunday night football.

Today I am working so nothing to exciting will probably happen, and then it's of to the airport late tonight to get my beloved. Then some lights might be turned on in the house the heat cranked up a few degrees and life will return to normal.


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