Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Life at InSight Media is going good. We should be signing our second school district any day. Their lawyers are going over the contract now. I assume we will officially sign either next week, or after the New Years holiday. Additionally I believe that we will have another 2 or maybe even three new districts signed up by February time. All this means is more pressure for me, I have to find advertisers.

We have one (paid) advertisers under contract, a credit union, and a second will be signed very shortly. So I know I am doing something roght, I just have to do it more often. One frustrating thing that I hear from potential clients, is that if I have a different district then they would be interested, So now I am recontacting those districts and telling them that I have something lined up.

One weird story to report. I called a district and the guy told me he had been contatced by a compnay similar to mine. This struck me as odd, since I am the only person, as far as I know who does this sort of thing. I asked him what the name of the company is, and he said "InSight Media"
I told him that was my company, and I had contatced a few months before and left a message wit his secratry. then he then said teh name of the person who had contacted him , and I'm sure by now you guessed that it wasn't mine or Brian's (My boss) name.
I assume that there must be some misunderstanding, teh coincedence would be too great, another company with the same name, and same program running, Or we are being copied, which would not be cool.
I hope to find out next week, when I call the guy back, and see if teh info he has is the same as what I sent him.


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