Monday, November 28, 2005

Goodbye Mooch, not Millen

After a week of the papers announcing it, and fans grumbling all season, Lions coach Steve Mariucci has finally been fired.

Maybe it's something in the water but seemingly good coaches come to Detroit, Phil Garner, and Bobby Ross and now Mooch to name some in recent years, and leave as total flops.

There are those who belive that Millen should have bee the one to get fired, since he put this team together. I guess time will tell on this one. Either Millen is a bad judge of talent and wasted draft picks on Joey, Rogers and the Williams, or Mooch was too stubborn to utilize their talents because it didn't fit the system he wanted.

I don't know why, but I think it's the latter. Maybe because all the experts were very high on the Lions offensive potential, or I just can't believe that someone could blow 4 years of top draft picks.

It makes sense to blame Millen, He hasn't improved this team they sucked before he came, and now 4 years later they are just as bad. Sure they improved one game per year over a 3 year span, but that was from 2 wins to 3,4 and 5. He doesn't coach however, he assembled what shoud have been a good team, and thats why he still has a job and Mooch doesn't.

I hate to say it, but it would seem to me that Millen gets one more year, once again a new head coach, a new system, one who will hopefully utilize the takent around him. That means that Joey Harrington should get another year, and hopefully Kevin Jones will once again be a productive back.

If the same garbage contuinues they should gut this entire pathetic franchise and start from scratch.


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