Sunday, January 29, 2006


Another Sunday another loss.

We played the game shorthanded missing 2 maybe 3 of our starting 5, and our opponents took advantage. I played the entire game, and for teh most played a solid game. On defense we played a zone, and I was told to play down low, on a wing. Things got prety physical down there, I was much shorter then teh guy who was usually standing there, but I fought hard, and didn't let him get to many rebounds. All in all our zone wasn't that solid, and we gave up a lot of easy baskets. It's tough to play a good zone if you don't practice as a team, because y ou have to rely so much on your teamates, and if you don't know the tendencies of your teammates.

I started off the game by making two of my first three shots. Unfortunately, I went ice-cold from the floor for the rest of the game. I did play a lot more aggressive then I did last week, and was able to play my game. I drove the lane, drawing the double team, and was able to kick it out to an open teammate for an easy basket.

I felt much more comfortable today then I did in game 1, and hopefully will continue to improve my game, and help lead Schon Packaging to our first win next Sunday.


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Krunk said...

Good luck next week...You should study game film maybe.


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